2018 WGC Bridgestone Invitational PGA OAD Picks

See who the guys like to win at this week's PGA Tour action with the weekly PGA OAD picks.

(Photo by Montana Pritchard/Getty Images)

2018 WGC Bridgestone Invitational PGA OAD Picks

Well, Dustin Johnson let everyone know that he’s still the best in the world after missing the cut at The Open by dominating the Canadian Open. Once he took the lead he never looked back and won with an impressive -23. Now, the best of the best meet up in Akron, Ohio for the WGC Bridgestone Invitational. The Top 50 in the world are all here, plus a few more, as we have a field of 73 with no cut. Let’s see who the guys like to win (contend) this week with the 2018 WGC Bridgestone Invitational PGA OAD picks.

Total Earnings$4,413,915$3,492,727$4,521,178$4,749,631
Last Week’s Earnings$26,040$0$37,742$37,742
Last Week’s PlayerTony FinauBrooks KoepkaCharley HoffmanCharley Hoffman
This Week’s PickTiger WoodsByeong Hun-AnFrancesco Molinari


Kevin- Pardon me for taking a brief hiatus. I’ve been away for a bit but now I return to use my OAD on the Big Cat. I’ve waited all year for this event. I’ve considered ZERO other players for this spot….WHY THE FUCK WOULD I?

Tiger has owned Akron, more so than LBJ, LeBron Jones for those of you who don’t follow the league of shoe squeakers.  My best guess is Akron is home to Perkin’s training school and Tiger feasts on beleaguered talent while in Ohio.

Let’s all eat this week and take Tiger. I don’t care if he’s 80% + owned, I’m on him.  

Jesse- For this week I will be using Byeong Hun-An.  This is a mixture of wanting to save some of the big guns I have left for the rest of the season and his good form.  He is guaranteed some money this week, so I’m will to take a bit of a shot.

Bubba- Well Hoffman fell apart on Sunday and ruined another nice week, but hey somehow I am still leading this circus. This week I jump on my guy, for those that listen to the Always Pressing PGA DFS POD know exactly who I am talking about. Distance matters here, but accuracy and a solid approach game matter much much more. That fits my little buddies game to perfection and this week, hopefully not too late after this hot stretch, I’ll be taking Francesco Molinari.