3 Things the Sports Degens are Thankful For

With it being Thanksgiving, some of the members look back and talk about 3 Things they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

It is always nice to sit back on Thanksgiving, look back and remember what we are thankful for. Some of the members are going to share the 3 things they are thankful for in sports today.



In Italy we don’t celebrate the Thanksgiving Day but I’ll tell you three things I am thankful for in sports


1 I am thankful for having American sports because they are amazing, especially football and basketball but I like baseball too and I can make much money betting on them every single day and night.


2 I am also thankful because sports gambling let me know a great group of American and Canadian friends who help me in gambling but it is not the only thing. Gambling is not all, friendship is one of the most important things in life and sports help you to make new friends.


3 The last thing and the most important is that I’m grateful to God for having Rob Pizzola’s NFL Periscope live any given Sunday. He is the King of NFL.



Regards from Italy



Three things I am thankful for in sports


  1. I am thankful for sports always giving us that escape from everyday life. There is no better feeling than sitting down and watching a great game just to get a break from all that is going on around us, and is something that in a world filled with differing opinions, brings us all together for some good fun.


  1. I am also thankful for online sportsbooks who allow me to degen out while being 2000 miles away from Las Vegas and give me some interest in every game. As stressful as it is at times, there is no better feeling than hitting that big play that you told all your buddies about at the water cooler in work all week.


  1. And last but not least, this least year especially, I am very thankful for GRAYSON ALLEN BABY. As a die hard Dukie, its always a pleasure to watch everyone hate the kid while he consistently makes life hell for opposing defenses and smiles very arrogantly the whole way through it. Having to have haters watch him succeed and be annoyed with it the whole time is something I take great joy in and makes me smile every time.



  1. I’m Thankful for no more John Farrell. After two seasons of bullpen mismanagement and awkward interviews with the Boston media, it’s sobering to know he can’t confuse us anymore.
  2. Texas Tech basketball, the football team is a shit show and maybe led by the worst coach in college sports. But this hoops team has a great chance to finish in the top half on the Big 12 this season.
  3. Last but not least I’m thankful for Kyle Van Noy. Yes, Kyle Van Noy, He can play on the end of the line, he can play off the line, he can rush the passer from a variety of positions, and he’s good in coverage, man or zone. His versatility is certainly coming in handy with the loss of Hightower.


– I’m thankful for my family and my son
– I’m thankful for my health, taking up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu this year has seriously turned my life around health wise and I’m very grateful to be training with such a great group of people.
– I’m thankful for football, UFC, just sports in general, and also the Sports Degens!


  1. I am thankful for one of the best baseball seasons in a long time and more importantly the best World Series in a long long time.
  2. I am thankful for the early Christmas gift the Giants are going to give us in acquiring BDS, Giancarlo Stanton.
  3. Last but not least, I mean this with all my heart, I am thankful for all the devoted readers and followers of TheSportsDegens.com. This has been a blast. We’ve been going strong for almost 2 years and it keeps getting bigger and better. We couldn’t do any of this without you all and for that I am truly truly thankful. THANK YOU!!!!