Benched with Bubba EP56 – Ralph Lifshitz of

Catch up on the Shohei Otani news, prospects and more on Benched with Bubba EP56.

Welcome back to another episode of Benched with Bubba. On episode 56 Bubba (@bdentrek) will be joined by Ralph Lifshitz (@ProspectJesus) of to talk some MLB prospects. They will talk about the Shohei Otani (article)news, some of the current prospects making a MLB splash, prospects to look at next year and more.


Shohei Otani- 1:55
Pitching Skills- 3:44
Hitting Skills- 9:51
Front Runners to acquire- 12:20
Otani’s impact on being a pitcher/hitter- 19:03
Fantasy Impact- 22:35

Current Rookies/Prospects-

Aaron Judge- 24:45
Cody Bellinger- 26:40
Rhys Hoskins- 29:09
Matt Olson- 32:20
Amed Rosario- 35:14
Yoan Moncada- 37:00
Rafael Devers- 39:09
Walker Buehler- 43:00

Prospects to look forward to next year- 46:23
Players from recent draft with first MLB impact- 49:23
Top 5 MLB Farm Systems- 1:00:08

Much more player info, team talk and fantasy talk within, so listen to it all.

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