Benched with Bubba EP59 – Justin Mason talking Fantasy Baseball

It's not too early to get ready for the 2018 Fantasy Baseball season, get ready with Benched with Bubba EP59.

Welcome back to another episode of Benched with Bubba. On episode 59, Bubba (@bdentrek) will be joined by Justin Mason (@JustinMasonFWFB) of Friends with Fantasy Benefits/Fangraphs/Sleeper and the Bust POD/Fantasy Alarm/Tout Wards Hour on FNTSY and likely more. The guys will talk some fantasy baseball and probably some regular baseball. They will talk about the past 2017 season, some key players, some thoughts about the 2018 season, the 2 Early to Mock Drafts and much more.

2 Early Mock Drafts ADP Article – LINK

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