Benched with Bubba EP129 – Matt Bowe of Razzball talking all things Fantasy Football

Get caught up on NFL Week 8, the NFL Trade Deadline and a look ahead to NFL Week 9 from a Fantasy Football perspective.

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Benched with Bubba EP129 – Matt Bowe of Razzball talking all things Fantasy Football

Welcome back to another episode of Benched with Bubba. On BwB EP129 Bubba will be joined by Matt Bowe of Razzball. They will go over the major NFL trades, recap the key NFL Week 8 story lines and get ready for NFL Week 9; all with a Fantasy Football twist.


Trade Deadline Recap-
Demaryius Thomas to the Texans
Golden Tate to the Lions
Ty Montgomery to the Packers
Lev Bell?

Week 8 Recap-
Browns fire Hue Jackson and Todd Haley
It’s FITZMAGIC time again
Buying into Kenyon Drake and Devante Parker
Lamar Miller back?
Seahawks passing game
Kerryon Johnson vs Phillip Lindsay
Dontrelle Inman’s big weekend with the Colts
Doug Martin every week back?
Brandon Lafell taking the Amari role?
Aaron Jones was the go to back in GB
MVS breaking out with the Packers
Todd Gurley stopping short of the end zone
Thoughts on first week of Leftwhich in Arizona- DJ and Fitz
Concerned with Josh Gordon?

Fantasy Football Midway Point-
Biggest surprise at QB
Biggest surprise at RB
Biggest surprise at WR
Biggest surprise at TE
Mid/Late round draft pick Fantasy MVP

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