CBB PICK – Nevada vs Loyola Chicago

Get ready for tonight’s Sweet 16 rematch with the game pick between Nevada and Loyola Chicago.

CBB PICK – Nevada vs Loyola Chicago

It’s been a while since I have written up some plays and I apologize for that. The holidays were super busy and honestly I’ve just been watching trying to figure out these teams in the young season. I tweeted out two plays the other day as I’ve started to get back into it. Both it so our record for the year is now 2-1. Hopefully I will be able to put up write ups more often as we hit a slow season coming up to Christmas. There are a few good games on tonight’s schedule so should be a solid tuesday. I only have one play for tonight, but it’s one I really like.

Nevada -4.5 @ Loyola Chicago: My only play of the night, Nevada -4.5 is one I really like. I just think this line is about 5 points to low. Nevada is such a better team than Loyola that this line is one I have to take. Also, while Loyola did beat Nevada in the tourney last year, Loyola lost a lot while Nevada kept everyone and added some huge transfers and a 5 star recruit. Loyola has struggled early in the season with two bad losses while Nevada has steam rolled everyone. Also, this Nevada team lead by the Martin twins is definitely one who wants “revenge” against Loyola for knocking them out last year. Kenpom has this game at Nevada -7 while vegas is giving you Nevada at 4.5, I see a lot of value in this play just simply at the fact Nevada is such a superior team. I just don’t think Loyola can score enough to hang with Nevada. Nevada currently has the number 1 efficient offense in the country while Loyola’s ranks 121. Loyola’s defense has also taken a step back ranking 40th right now. It’s still good, but not good enough to slow down Nevada and the Martin twins. I like the Wolf Pack here a lot. Nevada -4.5 let’s get it. Follow my twitter also for other possible added plays and notes: @j_coop131

YTD Record: 2-1