Fantasy Football Week 3 Waiver Wire

Get your waiver wire pickups ready for your Fantasy Football teams.

Fantasy Football Week 3 Waiver Wire

When it comes to the most common waiver systems of today, the most important question is whether or not to use your leverage. Do you use your priority? Do you use a huge chunk of your FAAB budget? Do you roll the dice and see if he will be there in the morning? In leagues that reset every week based on standings or some other inane system then it doesn’t matter – you make moves every week. So you don’t need this article but you should petition your commissioner to upgrade to a real, competitive format.

What we’re going to do here is give you the players we like. Then we’ll say what the highest waiver priority we’d be willing to spend is, what percentage of FAAB we would drop, and when we would wake up in the morning to add him (ranks for that will be early bird, at breakfast, or at work). Because of how exponentially valuable the higher waiver spots are, you want to try to hold off for 1 if you are close or only make claims on guys you know the #1 is taking. If you are in the middle or late then you want to pull the trigger on It’s a balancing act but we are here to help as much as we can.

*this info is based off a 12 man, half point PPR format and focusing on players less than 50% owned on Yahoo*


Javorius “Buck” Allen 8% owned

Waiver: 4 or later

FAAB: 11%

Morning Add: At Breakfast

Your first thought might be “I don’t need another 3rd down satellite back, get out of here” but Rotoworld’s Evan Silva tweeted some interesting stats on Allen this week. Through 2 games Buck Allen has played 44% of snaps to Collins’s 42%, they both have 20 touches, Allen has 13 targets to Collins’s 5, and, most surprisingly, Allen has 2 carries within the 5 while Collins only has one. And last Thursday when there was a goal line situation it was Allen who got the first crack while Troy Aikman suggested that the Ravens plan to use Buck in those situations. In any sort of PPR format he’s worth a grab as there are plenty of startable 3rd down backs getting much less than 50% of the workload.

Giovanni Bernard 29% owned

Waiver: 5 or later

FAAB: 6%

Morning Add: At Breakfast

This one comes with a bit of an asterisk for me because, if you are currently 0-2, are the Mixon owner, or are really struggling at running back, you might want to take the plunge on this one. A lot of people are going to be running to add him so you likely will need a high waiver claim to get him (5 or later or 6% likely isn’t going to do it but we have to put something in in case everyone is asleep).  For most teams, you don’t want to use your high claim on a guy who isn’t going to be a long term solution for your team.  With this knee injury we aren’t talking about what Cameron Meredith has been dealing with or Hunter Henry or even Doug Baldwin for that matter.  It’s a routine procedure that went well according to most sources so Gio will be a plug in for a couple weeks at best.  He’s had more than enough time to prove he deserves more touches and he does deserve touches – about 5-8 on third downs out of the backfield while Mixon carries the cross.

Other Breakfast or Later Adds:

Theo Riddick (24%) – 19 targets, 14 catches through 2 games

Corey Clement (22%) – 22 touches over 2 games, increased receiving workload week 2

Nick Chubb (33%) – Thursday night handcuff stash.  Easy drop if no injury to Hyde.

Wide Receivers

Chris Godwin 35% owned

Waiver: 2 or later

FAAB: 26%

Morning Add: Early bird

This is going to be the highest claim for me this week in any leagues where he is somehow still available (which is not many of mine).  Some will tout DeSean Jackson as the add but here’s the thing: scoring from 50, 60, 70 yards out every game simply isn’t sustainable.  If it was being an offensive coordinator would be easy wouldn’t it?  Not only do those deep strikes inflate numbers but they prematurely end drives and put the team up where they are in a position to run.  Despite Jackson doing that twice in week 1 and then both OJ Howard and Jackson scoring from 75 yards out Godwin has continued to produced steadily catching 3 of 4 targets for 41 and a score and 5 of 6 targets for 56 and a score.  The great thing about what Jackson has done so far is that now his looming threat will open up things underneath for the full time starters at split end and flanker on real, sustainable drive – Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

John Brown: 26% owned

Waiver: 4 or later

FAAB: 11%

Morning Add: At breakfast

The top 3 waiver claims for me are typically reserved for guys that are going to start right away for your team (with the first overall waiver claim hopefully being an Alvin Kamara, David Johnson, Odell Beckham level game changer).  After that you really have a long wait to the top in most formats as people are doing the same thing as you and there typically aren’t 3 of those guys in a season.  So if you are outside the top 3 spots, John Brown is a guy who could be a start at flex or WR3 as soon as next week.  More important to us than the touchdowns in the first two games is opportunity and, after getting 10 targets last week, it’s worth a bench stash to see if John Brown sees anything close to that again next week.  If he does then it may be time to start slotting him in.

Tyler Boyd: 2% owned

Waiver: 8 or later

FAAB: 2%

Morning Add: At Work

Despite the John Ross excitement, Boyd has now out-snapped him in week 1 (87% to 65%) and week 2 (76% to 59%).  He also has 14 targets to Ross’s 6.  If it wasn’t for Andy Dalton (and the most inefficient 4 touchdown game I’ve ever seen) Boyd would be a bit higher but I doubt people are running to grab him.  They may have even had an opportunity to do so between Thursday and Sunday depending on your format.  This is a player that you don’t necessarily need to use your claim on but, if you don’t expect to ever make it up to #1, you might as well make sure you get him as he seems like a locked in contributor and it only helps that Gio Bernard will be taking over the primary RB role and likely relinquishing some targets.

Other Breakfast or Later Adds:

Geronimo Allison (31%) – has seen 14 targets over 2 weeks and the new Packers offense seems to consist of slightly injured Rodgers slinging it from the shotgun all game

Antonio Callaway (7%)newly minted #2 with the departure of Gordon, had 81 and a TD

Devante Parker (36%) – A surprisingly efficient Ryan Tannehill has been looking


Ryan Fitzpatrick- 24% owned

Waiver: 3 or later

FAAB: 16%

Morning Add: Early Bird

Despite what our fantasy inclinations tell us, Fitpatrick might be the real deal here so if he’s available you may want to add him if you need QB help.  One of the more annoying things in fantasy is having 2 similar QBs or 2 similar TEs and deciding who to start but Fitzpatrick has an excellent fail safe built in; if he continues to be awesome he will continue to be the starter.  If he starts to stink he will lose the job to Winston and become an easy drop for you for that ever valuable bench spot.  Win-win.

Other Breakfast or Later Adds:

Blake Bortles (29%) – carved up Pats for 402 yards but an absurd 206 was YAC

Andy Dalton (27%) – not fooled by 4 TD game but passing volume should increase with no Mixon

Tight End

Austin Hooper– 17% owned

Waiver: 10 or later

FAAB: 1-2%

Morning Add: At Work

The only tight end I would consider using a claim on this week is Austin Hooper.  It’s two weeks in a row now that he’s been targeted by Ryan in the red zone – last week they went to him on a crucial 3rd down showing they certainly have trust in him.  The defense got away with an absurd amount of contact both before and during the throw or he would have been added in a lot of leagues last week.  You can likely wait and add him after waivers cleared but I wanted to include him for FAAB leagues.

Other Breakfast or Later Adds:

Austin Seferian-Jenkins (32%) – 5 targets two weeks in a row but not a focal point of the offense enough to make him startable yet

Jesse James (11%) – big game on wide open routes but we’ve seen that from him before.  Chiefs defense currently ranked 32nd.