Fantasy Football Week 4 Waiver Wire

Get your waiver wire targets for the upcoming Fantasy Football week.

Fantasy Football Week 4 Waiver Wire

So after a little bit of feedback from the kind folks over at, we’re going to start the article with a couple requested items.  First, people wanted to see how last week’s waiver moves stack up and what we plan to do with those players moving forward.  Second was that we were only covering players 50% or less owned and, apparently, there are enough leagues out there were higher level guys may be available.  For instance, a number of people asked if they should add Kenny Golladay if he were sitting on waivers.  Had they read my draft advice columns before the season, they would have know that he should not be on waivers in any format but, either way, I’m going to briefly mention any “must add” guys that are higher than 50% owned just in case.

Last Week Recap

Last week was a good one if you were able to grab some of the guys we mentioned (especially if you started the RBs or WRs).  Godwin, Boyd, and Fitzpatrick are all obviously high priority adds if they are somehow still available.

*This is entirely dependent on whether Jay Ajayi plays or not.  As soon as Ajayi is back Clement should be droppable.  Also, as mentioned in the previous article, the Nick Chubb add was simply a Thursday night handcuff and he should have been dropped immediately after that game since Hyde is healthy.

Higher Owned Players

Here are some guys who should already be owned but are likely must add territory for a lot of teams.  If there is someone not listed here or you have questions between these guys and the ones in the article feel free to ask on the Reddit thread since I know you were going to anyway.

And now for this week.  Since the best options are available here, let’s start with wide receiver.

Wide Receivers

Calvin Ridley – 45 % owned

Waiver: 1 or later

FAAB: 50-60%

Morning Add: Early Bird

This is the first big “go get um” of the year for me.  If you are hurting at wide receiver and need someone to plug as a WR3 or flex then I’d go ahead and use that  #1 claim or a big chunk.  If you are all set and really need to wait for that breakout RB then maybe you can wait but, as the season progresses, the chances of hitting big become less and less. To me, a first game for a rookie wide receiver can be a throwaway (especially when it’s the very first game of the season against the reigning super bowl champs) and besides that Ridley has certainly looked like a breakout candidate.  You look at other stud rookies like Mike Evans and Odell Beckham and they started a little slow before absolutely exploding (granted, they also had a clear path to being the top target on their team but this is a high volume offense).  At a time when most other players on the wire are known commodities, you absolutely have to take a shot on a first round rookie coming off a week as WR1 overall. The only concern at this point is that he’s still being outsnapped by Mohammad Sanu (59 to 42 this week) but we should likely see that flip or at least even out after this week’s electric performance.

Taylor Gabriel – 2% owned

Waiver: 5 or later

FAAB: 4%

Morning Add: At Breakfast

Many people, myself included, were sold on the emergence of Anthony Miller but it has been Taylor Gabriel quietly racking up the targets so far this year.  He’s steadily increased from 5, to 7, to 10 and was the go to guy on a number of deep shots this past weekend.  He’s outsnapped Miller and Kevin White combined in each game in an offense where Matt Nagy clearly wants to throw early and often. His biggest obstacle seems to be the ineptitude of Mitch Trubisky but Bears coach Matt Nagy seems to inexplicably be forcing the throw rather than lean on Jordan Howard like the Bears teams of yesteryear so he’s worth a flyer here – even if you just save the waiver and add him at breakfast.  He plays at 1 PM this week so could be a good candidate to stash and then drop for a kicker in Yahoo leagues if the 10 targets was a fluke.

Christian Kirk – 4% owned

Waiver: 8 or later

FAAB: 1-2%

Morning Add: At Work

While many people will be rushing to add the rookie sensation Calvin Ridley, I’ll have my eyes on another rookie as well in Christian Kirk.  Matt Kelley’s website has the 2nd round pick out of Texas A&M’s best comparable players listed as Stefon Diggs and Randall Cobb considering his young breakout age and his high college dominator rating.  The Cardinals have named Josh Rosen their starter which doesn’t necessarily mean Rosen will be good but the whole idea here is that it exposes us to some variance when most other teams are just getting settled down into what we will come to expect.  At this point we know a guy like Brees is going to throw it to Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara a trillion times each game but we don’t know what Josh Rosen is going to do.  After coming into the game Rosen targeted Kirk on 3 of his 7 throws which is promising though one was intercepted.  He’s worth a grab I’m deep league’s on the off chance that Rosen is any good and he decides Kirk is his go to guy. Like the other two guys listed above, his targets increased from 2 to 5 and then culminated with game this weekend of 7 catches on 8 targets for 90 yards.

Other Breakfast or Later Adds

Tedd Ginn Jr 35% – playing 66% percent of snaps in high octane offense, second on team. Watch Cameron Meredith snap count week 4 to see his usage – could be a deep league stash if heavily utilized as 43% of snaps week 3.

Ryan Grant 4% – People may rush to add Jakeem Grant but his production seems fluky. Ryan Grant played 85% of snaps and looks like WR2 favorite.

Zay Jones 1% – Inefficient thus far but he’s also led the team in snaps each week.  Similar variance-based add to Kirk.  Monitor to see who Allen prefers.


Chris Ivory – 7% owned

Waiver: 6 or later

FAAB: 6%

Morning Add: Early Bird

The RB wire is fairly barren this week so this is the play if you absolutely need a runningback.   He received the lions share of snaps with 54 to Marcus Murphy’s 16 and he touched the ball 23 times on 20 carries and 3 catches.  Not only is LeSean McCoy injured but word has come down that the league is still open to disciplining him regarding the horrible slew of allegations against him.  The league has deferred to the police as it’s still and ongoing investigation so the timing of any league action will depend on that.  What we have seen is that, any formal charges should result in him being placed on the exempt list.  Even with charges being dismissed, the league may take action based on available evidence from the case and their own investigation as they did with Zeke Elliot.  Ivory may end up being a drop of McCoy gets healthy and returns but the Bills may have to start preparing for life without McCoy even then which means Ivory is worth a speculative add.

Nyheim Hines8% owned

Waiver: 8 or later (high in PPR)

FAAB: 2% standard, 6% PPR

Morning Add: At breakfast

A suggested add after week 1, Hines was back to his week 1 self, catching 5 balls for 25 yards.  More importantly, he outsnapped Jordan Wilkins by his widest margin yet playing 43 snaps to Wilkins’s 17 showing that he’s the trusted pass blocker in this offense which should reward him with dump downs and draws as the Colts should be playing from behind a decent amount.  I felt compelled to specify that he is much more of a PPR target than a standard one as most of his usage has come in the 2nd and 4th quarter indicating that his role is tied to the passing game more than anything.

Other Breakfast or Later Adds

Marlon Mack 34% – It’s clear they do not like Wilkins so could be a decent stash, especially if you can take advantage of his OUT designation with an IR spot and add someone else.

Malcom Brown 2% – Thursday night handcuff stash.  If your league allows you to drop bench guys who have already played, drop your kicker and add him.  If Gurley gets hurt then congrats – you might have won your league.  If he doesn’t then drop him and add your kicker back.  Rinse and repeat.

Tavon Austin 10% – Yes it’s that ugly.  RB/WR eligibility makes him intriguing in any sort of PPR league.  Can’t be started or trusted at this point.


Ryan Tannehill – 9% owned

Waiver: 10 or later (high in PPR)

FAAB: 2% standard, 6% PPR

Morning Add: At breakfast

It might be time to start taking Ryan Tannehill seriously.  You might be surprised to find that in his last 10 games Ryan Tannehill is 10 and 1.  You might also be surprised to find that his passer rating so far this year is 121.8 (and in his last full season it was 93.5).  He’s knocked on the door of a 30 TD season before and with 7 touchdowns through 3 games he’s on pace to finally hit that plateau.  He’s had 3 very winnable games so we will have to see how he does against some more formidable opponents but more opportunity to throw could actually be good for him as the low volume has been his one drawback so far.  Or maybe he will fold under the pressure and be droppable.  Either way, he’s definitely on the streaming radar against a reeling New England Patriots this week.

Other Breakfast or Later Adds

Rookies – In deeper leagues feel free to stash a rookie just to see what you might get.  My order would be Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen.

Tight End

No Waiver Claims

I’m not spending a claim on a tight end this week unless absolutely desperate but I may be looking to add a couple guys when I first wake up.  As mentioned before, absolutely grab Eifert if he is there and you need to start him this week.  Otherwise…

Dallas Goedert 2% owned – another one people may be rushing to add but it’s tough to trust a TE2 in any situation.  Could be a spot start if Alshon is out again this week and then you might be able to package him up and trade him if he does well again.

Ian Thomas 3% owned – Panthers are on bye this week but he could be a sneaky late add depending on when bye week players get locked in your league (in Yahoo I believe you can add up until after the Monday night game so maybe drop a bench guy for him).  Increase in targets each week.

IR Stashes – if you have the spots, Greg Olsen or Hunter Henry could be decent IR stashes given the recent reports of a possible return.  Consider it as tight end is a mess.