Fantasy Football Week 6 Waiver Wire

Get your waiver wire targets for the upcoming Fantasy Football week.

Fantasy Football Week 6 Waiver Wire

This week I figured would be a good one to provide a quick refresher on guys less than 50% owned that we have already suggested you add in previous articles.  Typically we try to identify new players that weren’t talked about in previous leagues for those people in deeper more competitive formats but I understand there are a lot of shallow leagues out there – I’m in a few myself and I still always try to dominate my 10 man family leagues just as much as my 14 man high stakes ones.  First though let’s take a quick look at the suggested deep adds from last week and what we plan to do with them.  



*If there is no TY Hilton again for whatever reason Rogers is a start. If not then you might want to hold and see what his 


So as I mentioned, at the start of each section we’re going to recap some of the players we had mentioned previously that are still widely available in leagues.  For the most part, you can consider these guys listed as adds before the new guys below but, as always, use your own discretion.  It’s your team for Christ’s sake.  


Wide Receivers


Previously Discussed


Chris Godwin 38% – after scoring 3 TDs in 3 weeks the Bucs seem to either dial him back a little after mistakes in week 3 or because of some kind of playcall preference for Winston.  Either way, after the embarrassment of week 4, the Bucs need to start their most talented players and that’s Evans and Godwin.  No OJ Howard should mean a couple extra targets floating round.


Taylor Gabriel 19% owned – clear second option on a team that wants to throw a ton.  Worth starting if you need someone.


Keke Coutee 34% owned – he managed to produce again but Fuller didn’t seem like he was 100% back from the hamstring injury.  Let’s see if he will supplant Fuller as the 2nd option or whether he cools off.


Christian Kirk 9% owned – scored his first NFL touchdown and starting to look like the WR1 there with Larry Fitz hobbled.  Unfortunately on some teams even the top dog isn’t always a viable option.  Worth a stash especially in dynasty/keeper.


Willie Snead IV 6% owned- another game with 7 targets – he’s averaging just under 7 a game and consistent looks is the name of the game.


Taywan Taylor 12% owned – number 2 guy in the offense but it all depends on which Mariota is going to show up. Worth a stash but not startable.


New Adds


Donte Moncrief – 13% owned

Waiver: 6 or later

FAAB: 4-5%

Morning Add: Early Bird

Last week Moncrief was an incredibly efficient 5 for 5 for 109 yards and a TD.  This week he was the model of inefficiency with 6 catches for 76 yards on 15 targets.  This is a game the Jags were playing from behind and everyone’s target numbers were bloated but there are two things we do know.  One is that Moncrief has established himself as the 2nd guy with Cole (or possibly even 1A and 1B given that Moncrief now has 36 targets to Cole’s 35).  The other is that the Jags don’t have many options available currently with Fournette out and now Austin Serferian-Jenkins and Corey Grant hitting the IR.  Moncrief is likely useable against a cowboys team that just gave up 374 passing yards or worth a wait and see stash to see if he continues to gain Bortles’s trust.


Josh Reynolds 0% owned

Waiver: 10 or later

FAAB: 2-3%

Morning Add: At work

So Brandin Cooks and Cooper Kupp left the game this week with concussions which is bad news in the current climate (especially for Cooks as it’s his 3rd in 3 seasons).  Watching the game is was clear that Josh Reynolds was the next man up and he did manage 2 catches for 39.  Now, you might say that if either one of Kupp or Cooks plays then he’s not worth a look but the Rams run more 11 personnel than any team in the league and it’s honestly not that close. Before this week, the lowest snap percentage for any of the 3 starting Rams WRs was a mind boggling 95% by Brandin Cooks last week.  All 3 of them are out there every play.  So if one of them is out I expect a lot of snaps for Reynolds.  He did manage 4 for 37 and a TD in 6 targets in a game last year.


Other after breakfast adds

Tre’Quan Smith 2% owned We had mentioned him in a previous article discussing Cameron Meredith but the expectation all along was that he and Cameron Meredith would overtake Ted Ginn jr. sooner or later.  Some people will call this a break out game while some will call it blown coverage.  I actually still prefer Meredith right now (Smith in keeper or Dynasty)

Rishard Matthewsit’s been a strange year for Rishard Matthews after not only being on and off injured but firing his agent and negotiating his own team friendly extension with an option to keep him for cheap if they want or cut him for nothing (this is why we have agents).  That being said, there are rumblings he may sign with the Browns and with an injury to Hollywood Higgins and Callaway struggling, he could be a deep stash.




Most of the RBs previously suggested are now over 50% owned.  If you paid attention – you’re welcome.  Here are a couple that we still like.


Previously Discussed


Marlon Mack 22% owned – The Colts clearly just do not like Wilkins or Bobby Turbo but Hines also isn’t getting many looks on the ground.  They’ve essentially just opted to throw so Mack still has a shot at taking over the running down duties and goal line looks.


D’Onta Foreman 20% owned – we had previously advised you to stash him if you could.  He should return week 7 with a Lamar Miller who is obviously banged up so this is the reason you stashed him.


New Adds


*Eagles note – for PPR or half point PPR Clement is the recommended add.  You may want to flip it in standard if you still play standard for some reason*


Corey Clement25% owned

Waiver: 2 or later

FAAB: 30-40%

Morning Add: Early Bird

A lot of people may recommend Smallwood but in today’s league more than ever two things are prevalent: talent = touches and passing runs the show.  It used to be that you didn’t lose your job to injury or that the incumbent veteran got first crack.  For RBs the guy who was more efficient on the ground was the RB and the other guy brought out the water.  Now, as we’ve seen with the likes of Kamara, James White, Nyhiem Hines etc., if you are a talented player, especially if you catch balls, you can carve out a role.  Though injury prone, Clement has been the more explosive player and the better playmaker in terms of both big plays and work in the passing game so he’s the guy I’m adding from their backfield.  The big difference is that, if there is a time share between him and Smallwood, which guy do you want?  The guy who is going to get 10 carries for 50-60 yards or the guy who is going to get 5-6 carries but might catch 5 or 6 passes to go with it?  Only one of those guys has flex appeal.


Wendell Smallwood

Waiver 3 or later

FAAB 20-25%

Morning Add: Early Bird

Of course we still need to mention the other half of this duo.  Likely to contribute more on the ground he will also likely be the guy who is called upon if there is a pass intereference in the end zone and they need to punch it in.  In Clements absence he has caught 3 passes in each game but anyone watching know that Clement is the better back out of the backfield.  Still, Smallwood is worth an add a time when we are really running out of guys who could potentially even share a backfield barring an injury.


Other after breakfast adds:

RoJo 27% owned – as disappointing as they can come as far as 2nd round rookie RBs, he finally got 10 carries last week and faces an ideal matchup vs ATL.

Alfred Morris 43% owned – worth a start only if Breida isn’t healthy.




*All of these players have been previously discussed so I’m going to give me one big add and then a couple other options.


Jameis Winston21% owned

Waiver 3 or later *dependent on QB situation*

FAAB 30-40%

Morning Add: Early Bird

This might come as a shock to some after the trouncing the Bucs received last time out but we’ve seen good offenses lose games either because of fluky circumstances or bad matchups.  We watch the Patriots lose 2 weeks in a row in embarrassing fashion only two storm back and put up 38 points in back to back games.  This Bucaneers team looked like a wrecking crew through the first couple games and they are suggesting Winston is an even better option than the QB who lit the world on fire.  He was thrust into a game that wasn’t his but they have had 2 weeks now to get the offense right and move forward with him at the helm. If your QB is struggling, this may be your last chance to grab a guy who could be a top 5 QB form week to week.  They also get an abysmal Atlanta D this week so you can start him right way.



Andy Dalton great matchup this week against the Steelers if he’s out on the wire and you own Brees or Stafford on bye.

Baker Mayfieldseems to be gaining confidence and upside is there.

Mitchel Trubinsky – they want to throw it so we will see.



Tight End


Brate –

Waiver 5 or later

FAAB  7-10%%

Morning Add: Early Bird

Again, this depend entirely on your TE situation but this is a guy who has rapport with the QB who is just coming back to the offense.  Give him a boost for OJ Howard being out and another boost for playing the Falcons and he could easily be a top 5 option this week.  If you don’t have a tight end to start this week he’s must add.


After breakfast TE Adds

Geoff Swaim 9% owned  You’d like to see more out of a guy than 3 targets in game that went a full 70 minutes but the options are thin and he’s been the guy for Dallas.

OJ Howard 51%  if he was dropped he could be worth a stash.  Looks like the more talented player over Brate and he was rolling.