Fantasy Football Week 7 Waiver Wire

Get the waiver wire targets your need for your Fantasy Football teams.

Fantasy Football Week 7 Waiver Wire

As crazy as it sounds, we are now going into week 7 of the fantasy season.  The best laid plans of mice and managers have likely gone awry by now and the eye of the bye week storm is approaching.  We’re hoping that some of the guys below can help patch things up for you so you can weather the storm.  As every team and every league and every scenario is different at this point, we are going to abandon the normal format and do a bit of waiver recap this week.


What we are going to do here is take all the guys under 50% and tier them out for you.  Whether you are in a FAAB league or a normal waiver league or some other crazy league, now is the time to look at these tiers and look at your bye weeks and injuries and pull the trigger on the depth you are going to need.  In the early weeks it’s easy for us to say, “hey it’s week 1, use X out of your $100” or “don’t use that first waiver spot just yet”.  At this point we are deep in the trenches and only you know if you are 1-5 and need to make drastic changes or are 6-0 and can afford that deep stash.  What we are going to try to do is rank these guys that are highly available and give you a little insight to help decide who you need to grab this week.  If you read last week and already grabbed Chris Godwin, Taylor Gabriel, Marlon Mack, and Jameis Winston then you can just read this article with a smug look on your face and give yourself a locker room worthy slap on the butt for a job well done.


*All ownership percentages are based on Yahoo! at the time of writing*


Wide Receivers


Tier 1 – Must Add


Chris Godwin 44% owned – Whether it was related to his fumble week 3 or whether it was because Winston had practiced with the second team all week prior to replacing Fitzpatrick and worked on plays with Humphries and Brate, Godwin took a step back week 4 that caused some panic and may have made Godwin available.  Whatever it was, Godwin got back on track week 6 with a team high 9 targets.  The talent is there and it may be your last chance to grab him


Taylor Gabriel 22% owned – If you have been paying attention to these articles at all then you already own Godwin and Gabriel but one of them may have been a bye week casualty of yours.  Gabriel went out and proved he wasn’t a fluke in week 4 by reeling in 5 of 5 targets for 110 yards as well as getting a carry for 9.  This team is going to throw and it’s clear he’s the #2 on this team and he may not be far behind Allen Robinson.  Much like Tyler Boyd in Cincy, we are fairly confident AJ Green/Allen Robinson are the better players but the coverage they draw may allow the 2nd guy to be more productive.


Tier 2 – Worth Owning


Marquise Goodwin 41% owned – One of the things we harp on a lot here as you will notice is being a top target on a team.  On the 49ers that may be George Kittle but it’s seems pretty clear at this point that Goodwin is either in the running for 1 or locked in at 2.  Before the season we weren’t high on Goodwin because good QBs spread the ball around but, in a world where McKinnon and Garoppolo are done for the year, CJ Beathard may just stay dialed in to his two favorite targets for the rest of the season.  Worth snatching if he was dropped though we expect he’ll be a high claim after his performance Monday night.


Christian Kirk 14% owned – Another regular in this column, Christian Kirk is a guy that is somehow still only 14% owned on Yahoo! while being one of the few guys from this list we would actually consider plugging in right away.  The other beautiful thing about Kirk as a stash this week is he plays Thursday so you can always throw him on the bench (possibly drop your kicker for him), see how he does, then drop him if he doesn’t so well and add someone else before Sunday.  If you have the bench spot it’s worth the gamble to see if he can maintain the decent target volume.  As long as Larry Fitz isn’t right he’s the top target.


Willie Snead 9% owned – Speaking of guys we have discussed that are target hogs and still inexplicably low owned I present you – Bill Snead IV.  His targets this year are 6, 8, 5, 7, 7, 10 and this week he rolls against the weekly shootout monster Drew Brees.  In any sort of PPR format he’s startable right away and he has 3 more games in very favorable matchups against the Saints, Panthers, and Steelers before his bye.  And if things are looking good during that span? He comes out the other side with Oakland, Atlanta, Kansas City, and Tampa Bay all on the fantasy schedule ROS.


Keke Coutee 47% owned – He came back to earth a bit this week but, then again, Nathan Peterman’s generous efforts robbed the Texans offense of any shot of heroics.  The problem with Coutee is that he’s 3rd on the totem pole with a healthy Hopkins and Fuller so he’s more boom or bust than a safe volume play pole Kirk or Snead.  If you are desperate or need a homerun we have seem the upside though.


Tier 3 – Sure, why not


Chester Rogers 16% owned – This write up is as easy as it gets because it’s the same thing we’ve told you for a couple weeks now; if TY Hilton doesn’t suit up he’s a WR2.  In the 3 games without TY he has had 11, 11, and 10 targets. He’s also had some pretty horrific drops so you might not be able to count on him when TY gets back but he’s nearly must start if him and Doyle sit again.


Antonio Callaway 22% owned – It hard to say if I’ve ever seen a guy do less with more and I’m not sure if that applies to the targets or the talents or both.  He’s seen 35(!) targets over the last 4 games and he’s turned that into just barely over 100 yards and no touchdowns.  How?  But, as I alluded to, the talent is there, the targets are there, so the potential for a late breakout is there.  He’s a stash hoping that he will just snap and figure it out but he cannot be trusted until he shows us something.


Cameron Meredith 9% owned – A lot of people will jump on Tre’Quan Smith after his 100 yard game but it’s Cameron Meredith who’s snaps and targets are slowly climbing after being injured for nearly a year including the off season.  It was not cheap for the Saints to lure him away from the Bears as a restricted free agent so there was clearly something the liked there.  Last game he caught 5 of 5 targets thrown his was and I think the bye week was just what he needed to catch up and get on the same page with Drew Brees.


Tier 4 – The Rest


Tre’Quan Smith 5% owned – One of these guys should put to be the 3rd target behind Michael Thomas and Kamara.  We think it’s Meredith but it’s worth stashing Smith if you can just in case.


Dede Westbrook 44% owned – Though he’s been getting outsnapped by Cole and Moncrief he’s still on pace for 1,000 yards.


Albert Wilson 10% owned – He will be a popular add this week but you can’t start him and if Tannehill comes back he goes back to being a mystery box.  If the one dimensional Brock Osweiler stays at QB long term he may have value.


Courtland Sutton 5% owned – Thursday night stash because why not? Drop him if he does nothing.


Tyrell Williams 9% owned – If you weren’t already stashing him then why add him after he had 3 catches on 4 targets? Great plays for sure but he’ll likely go back to his 3 catches for 40 yards on 5 targets again before he scores 2 touchdowns.





Tier 1 – Last Hope


Marlon Mack 26% owned – At this point most runningback groups have shaken out and the only emergence will likely be via injury.  If you are doing well then maybe you hang onto your high waiver claim in case something happens to a guy like Zeke and Rod Smith becomes a must add but I’m likely using my claim on Marlon anywhere he’s available as he may be your last shot at a guy who will get the majority of touches in a backfield.  In his first game back he received 12 carries to Bobby Turbo’s 4 and Hines’s 3.  Hines is always going to be prevalent in the passing game but an RB who can potentially get you 100 yards on the ground and 1-3 catches should not be 26% owned at this point in the season.


Peyton Barber 33% owedRonald Jones was a speculative add last week and it’s clear he came back to earth with 1 carry and 3 catches compared to Peyton Barber’s 13 carries and 4 catches.  As we speculated in the Chris Godwin section, one explanation is that Ryan Fitzpatrick practiced all season with the first group and Winston practiced with the second group.  When Fitzpatrick was abruptly replaced, the Bucs also put in Winston’s supporting cast he had be working with for 3 weeks in Humphries, Brate, and Jones since you can imagine they had developed chemistry and figured out some plays that worked that they’d want to mix in.  After the bye week, the Bucs offense looked much better and it seems that Barber is the first string guy for the time being.  Hard to love him but desperate times call for desperate measures.


Tier 2 – Maybe?


Nick Chubb 29% owned – We’ve heard it all year from Hue Jackson.  “We need to get the ball to Nick Chubb”. “Nick Chubb deserves more carries”.  Despite this, Chubb once again received 3 carries.  That’s now every game this year he’s had either 3 or 2 carries despite breaking off 2 excellent touchdown runs.  After the whole “Josh Gordon won’t play” thing where he played the whole game, I’m starting to wonder if Hue Jackson has any say over what happens with the offense.  That being said, Hue Jackson is on the hottest of seats and, if he continues to roll out Carlos Hyde to get 34 yards on 14 carries, someone else is going to sit in that seat and hopefully do the right thing.


Tier 3 – Hail Mary


Chase Edmonds 1% owned – Thursday night handcuff play for people on Yahoo! who can drop bench guys or anyone who has the bench spot.  The Cardinals made it clear that Edmonds was not a complimentary piece to David Johnson but rather a backup who they think is capable of doing a lot of the same things.  David Johnson is finally stepping it up so it’s a rare chance to hold a true handcuff through a Thursday.




Tier 1 – Startable


Mitchell Trubisky 29% owned – No one expected Mitch Trubisky to come back out and throw 6 touchdowns again.  What we wanted to see was him come out and play well against a Miami team that has been surprisingly good.  And despite losing he did.  22 of 31 (70% competition) for 316 yards and 1 interception is what you want to see from a fantasy QB after a big game.  To be honest, I don’t really care about the picks  Winston threw 2 picks and he as the QB 1 this week (who you probably picked up and started since you read that article last week right?).  This team wants to throw the ball.  Marcus Mariota (33% owned) and Dak Prescott (32% owned) are on teams that don’t want to throw the ball yet have higher ownership percentage.  What are we doing here?


Tier 2 – Rosterable

Case Keenum 20% owned – It’s pretty ugly out here at this point as we are in an odd position where there are now a couple undrafted QBs who are now highly startable ( Patrick Mahomes, Andy Dalton) and a couple highly drafted QBs that people feel are undroppable despite some woes (Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford) so a lot of QBs are being held and they are difficult to trade for.  Case Keenum has not been a world beater but he has thrown for over 300 yards and multiple TDs two weeks in a row now and he has good matchups against Arizona and KC the next two weeks if your QB has a bye.  Like some of the other guys mentioned, he plays on Thursday so he’s easy to stash in case you have byes week 8 and 9 since you can just drop him if he looks gross on Thursday.


Honorable mention – Bortles, I guess.  41% owned playing Houston and then Philly if you want to roll those dice or are in a 2 QB league.


Tight End


Tier 1 – Potential Stud


OJ Howard 54% owned – Going to break the rules a bit here because he’s currently 54% owned but, because he was injured and he had a bye week, he was likely a drop candidate in a ton of leagues regardless of how deep they were.  You might look at his week 2 and salivate at 3 receptions on 4 targets for 96 yards and a touchdown but it’s his week 3 that really gets us going.  There are 3 tight ends right now getting 8 targets a game – Kelce, Ertz, and Eric Ebron.  Now, he’s probably not going to always get 8 a game but the fact that he did in his last healthy game makes him very intriguing.  He came back from the knee injury absurdly quick and he managed to catch a TD despite limited work before the game so I’m adding him anywhere I need a tight end.


Tier 2 – Bye Week Starts and Stashes


CJ Uzomah 33% owned – This week we finally saw the usage that we had hoped from Uzomah when Tyler Eiffert went down.  It’s most likely his ceiling give or take a touchdown but 6 catches on 7 targets for 54 yards is incredibly useful in the current landscape.  The Bengals are going to have a firefight with KC next week and then they face the worst team against TEs in TB next week so you can actually plug him in right away if you need to.


Jack Doyle28% owned- The truth of the matter here is that tight end is not like runningback or wide receiver where every team should have a fantasy relevant player.  There are currently only 12 tight ends getting more than 4 targets a game.  There are only 14 tight ends averaging more than 6 fantasy points a game in half point PPR.  And two of them in Vance McDonald and Jesse James, are on the same team.  Throw Brate and Howard in there and it’s clear that being the TE1 on a team isn’t exactly a pre-requisite to being relevant.  Andrew Luck loves the tight end and Doyle was one of his favorite chain movers so he’s worth a stash in deeper leagues or leagues where you are desperate.  Eric Swoopes didn’t even play football in college (que Jimmy Graham, Antonio Gates basketball player reference) and he has scored a touchdown each of the last to weeks in Luck’s offense.  Go ahead and stash him.