Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Tiers

Get ready for your Fantasy Football Drafts with the Wide Receiver Tiers.

Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Tiers

(All Rankings PPR)

The amount of fantasy football information available today is tremendous. You can go on any of the big sites and they will have as much fantasy content you would like to read, there are numerous personalities on social media giving fantasy advice, either through the website they work for or just on their own. You can always find things like player rankings, draft strategies, some form of Matthew Berry’s “Love/Hate” article or the tiers of players I have below.

As a fantasy football player who spends way too much time sifting through all this information to find what I think is valuable, I think it’s important for anyone that considers themselves “good” at fantasy football be able to do some of this work on their own. After all, if you look hard enough you can find someone on each side of any one player.

For starters, any player that I find a wide range of opinions on I check where they ranked at their position the previous season and compare that to the coming season and then use how their situation changed to create a general opinion on said player.

For example, Tyreek Hill, “TyFreak or TyFluke” depending on who you ask, was being drafted as WR22 in 2017 after finishing 2016 as WR23. For anyone that doesn’t remember, in 2016 Tyreek was half returner, half offensive gadget, so many were unsure that he could succeed as the Chiefs WR1 in 2017. However, as many guys much smarter than I have pointed out, volume is the most important and stable thing when it comes to fantasy football. So, a part-time offensive player from 2016 is now a number one wideout with very little competition for targets and is being drafted at the rank he finished last season? Count me in! Tyreek Hill went on to finish as WR9 in 2017, so that obviously worked out well for me.

Just like any other strategy it doesn’t always work; however, I think it’s generally a pretty good place to start. Guys like the Denver WRs, anyone on the Jets, even DeAndre Hopkins, all have some pretty significant changes to their situations from a year ago, so when cramming for your drafts keep that idea in mind.

Tier 1 (1-3)

Antonio Brown > DeAndre Hopkins > Julio Jones

Some would argue this tier could probably just be Brown by himself, but I don’t think he is quite head and shoulders above everyone else. Hopkins will be playing with a healthy Deshaun Watson this season, who is a massive upgrade over what he’s had previously. Julio has eclipsed 1,400 yards each of the last 4 seasons, and since I know no other fantasy writer has said this before, Julio is bound for some positive regression in the TD department

Tier 2 (4-8)

Odell Beckham Jr. > Michael Thomas > Keenan Allen > A.J. Green > Davante Adams

These guys could finish ahead of those mentioned previously, but for the most part these WRs are going to be coming off the board around the second and third rounds of drafts after the work horse RBs are mostly gone. I would’ve included Doug Baldwin here prior to his injury, but there is such little clarity on his leg that I felt he should be knocked down a few spots.

Tier 3 (9-14)

Mike Evans > T.Y. Hilton > Doug Baldwin > Larry Fitzgerald > Stefon Diggs > Adam Thielen

I’m sure the main issue most have here is with Stefon Diggs, specifically being ahead of Adam Thielen. That comes mostly from two things: first, I think Stefon Diggs is a better player than Thielen and will become Kirk’s number one WR and second, Matt Harmon’s #ReceptionPerception shows very highly of Diggs and I respect his opinion and data a lot. (search #ReceptionPerception on twitter it gives some good insight into where WRs succeed)

Tier 4 (15-22)

Amari Cooper > Chris Hogan > Demaryius Thomas > Jarvis Landry > Tyreek Hill > Golden Tate > Emmanuel Sanders > JuJu Smith-Schuster

Not all coaches should be trusted but all of Jon Gruden’s talk that the offense is going to run through Amari has me believing that he could see the kind of volume that will make him a safe WR2. Chris Hogan follows him up because last year Tom Brady’s #1 wideout (Brandin Cooks) was being drafted around the 2nd/3rd round, Cooks has more talent than Hogan, but a number one receiver for Tom Brady is worthy of being a WR2 for any fantasy team.

Tier 5 (23-33)

Allen Robinson > Brandin Cooks > Alshon Jeffery > Sammy Watkins > Marvin Jones > Marquise Goodwin > Sammy Watkins > Devin Funchess > Michael Crabtree > Cooper Kupp > Josh Gordon

All reports out of 49ers Training Camp is that Marquise Goodwin is the lead wide receiver. If Jimmy G can take the next step after having a whole offseason to learn Shanahan’s offense this could be a breakout season for Goodwin. I included Josh Gordon as the final guy in this tier because, as we’ve seen before, he has the talent to be the best wide receiver in football. However, until he’s back at training camp I prefer to avoid him until I would be okay with him spending some time on my fantasy bench.

Tier 6 (34-43)

Julian Edelman > Robby Anderson > Nelson Agholor > Randall Cobb > Corey Davis > Will Fuller V > Jordy Nelson > Anthony Miller > Pierre Garcon > Robert Woods

I’m all aboard the hype train of the Chicago Bears, with that comes a revamped offense under Matt Nagy and a lot of targets for rookie Anthony Miller. Julian Edelman is suspended for 4 games; however, if you can draft him as a WR3 or WR4 and stash him on your bench, your team will get a guy that has averaged over 6 catches per games for 4 years when he returns.

Tier 7 (44-50)

Jamison Crowder > Marqise Lee > Sterling Shepard > Kenny Stills > Kelvin Benjamin > John Ross > Michael Gallup

This group of guys comes with lots of uncertainties, hence the low ranking but if the negatives were overstated or you can pick the best guy from a crowded WR room you could be in business. The Bills offense could be better than expected (I doubt it), Michael Gallup could be Dak’s go-to receiver (I think so) and John Ross could turn into Tyreek Hill 2.0 (who knows). So, throw a few darts here and see if you can get one to stick!