The Morning After: 2/1 Picks Recap

Hey guys, welcome back for another NBA FantasyDraft recap! Yesterday I played two lineups, one that went really well and one that didn’t. So basically, I just about broke even. That is better than losing, I guess.

Stud Standings Results

  1. Russell Westbrook: 69.75 FP. He did not disappoint in his matchup.
  2. James Harden: 56 FP. This guy just won’t stop. Another solid game for him against a stingy Spurs defense.
  3. Giannis Antetokounmpo: 43.75 FP: Poor Bucks. Brogdon and Giannis both injured in one game, hopefully nothing serious.

Guards Results

DeMar DeRozan $14,000: 43.25 FP: His hot streak against the Wizards continued by going 3x his salary plus change.

Khris Middleton $13,300: 41 FP: Expect him to be chalky going forward, especially today. I am unsure about Bledsoe’s injury but he is the same price and will have a huge workload.

Malcom Brogdon $11,500: 4 FP: He got hurt early in the second quarter which really murdered some lineups. He was off to a slow start but now we won’t know what could have been.

Jamal Murray $11,000: 46.25 FP: I did not expect him to be my highest scoring guard, but I’m not complaining.

Forwards/Centers Results

Karl-Anthony Towns $16,400: 43.25 FP: Pretty solid night for towns, and the double double streak continued.

Jimmy Butler $15,300: 43.50 FP: I had a friendly wager with someone that Towns would outscore Butler. .25, smh.

Nikola Jokic $14,500: 75.25 FP: Jokic was the highest scoring player on the slate and was so low priced. I hope you locked him in.

LaMarcus Aldridge $14,400: 29.5 FP: Not a horrible night for Aldridge but definitely not his best.

Marc/Pau Gasol: Marc had a nice game especially at his price scoring 43 FP. Pau only scored 22.25 which isn’t horrible but not what we wanted.

Thrift Shop Results

Marcin Gortat $8,900: 22.75 FP. The best value I had yesterday, and even he didn’t smash.

Tomas Satoransky/Tim Frazier: Tomas finished with 22.25 and Frazier finished with 12.50. Yikes. Sorry about that.

Wayne Selden Jr. $7,400: 13 FP. He was so cheap that it hopefully allowed you to cash with a bunch of studs from above despite his mediocre showing.

That is all I have for this morning, I’ll be back later to write about tonight’s slate! See you then.