The Morning After: 2/10 Picks Recap

Hey everyone, yesterday was a pretty solid day of NBA. Most of my plays were right around the 2.5x on their salary we’re looking for. Some people were harmed by blowouts (LaMarcus Aldridge) but were really productive in their minutes. Overall, I was able to make a slim profit which is always better than losing. Lets go through the recap.

Guards Results

Ben Simmons: 40.75

Lou Williams: 35.5

Eric Bledsoe: 35.25

Jerian Grant: 32.5

Forwards/Centers Results

LaMarcus Aldridge: 36.25

Julius Randle: 44.0

I didn’t end up playing Jordan or Saric because Embiid played, but both ended up having nice games even with him in. Jordan finished with 41.25 and Saric had 30.25.

I also didn’t play Embiid despite him being in (unfortunately) has he was the highest scorer on the slate with 61 FP.

I chose Tobias Harris over Ingram and he ended with a cool 35 FP.

Thrift Shop Results

Patty Mills got into foul trouble early which really put a damper on his night. He only finished with 10.25. The good news is, he was chalky and everyone else had a nice game so it worked out. Grant smashed and Augustin finished with 23 FP which is 2.6 on his salary.

I’m officially done with Bismack Biyombo. I always take a GPP flier on him and he has done nothing in the past few weeks. Vucevic should be back soon so he will soon become a distant memory.

Thanks for reading guys and I hope I helped you out yesterday! I’m going to take today off because I’m not a huge fan of this slate and I shouldn’t force it with only 4 garbage games. I’ll be back Monday for another edition of Scott Takes.