The Morning After: 2/9 Pick Recap

Yesterday was a fun day for the NBA. The trade deadline was crazy and I got to watch more of the games than I normally do so I really enjoyed it. My main cash lineup cashed everything but I only made a small profit because I tried some crazier GPP lines that didn’t do horrible but weren’t good enough. As long as my main lineup stays cashing, then I’m excited. Lets get to this recap.

Guards Results

Damian Lillard: 36.5 FP

Dennis Schroder: 32.25 FP

Dennis Smith Jr.: 37.25 FP

Nicolas Batum: 28.5 FP

JJ Barea: 21.5 FP

Forwards/Centers Results

Kevin Durant: 48.75 FP

Paul George: 50.25 FP

Dwight Howard: 28.75 FP :/

Michael Beasley: 38.75 FP

I only ended up playing one Warrior outside of KD which was Draymond and he went for 42.5

Thrift Shop Results

D.J. Augustin: 40.25 FP

Shelvin Mack: 16.75 FP

Kyle Kuzma: 37.25 FP

Kyle O’Quinn: 24.5 FP

Dwight Powell: 32.5 FP

That is all I have for today everyone, I will be back later to break down tonight’s 9 game slate!