NFL DFS Taco Report Week 3

Get ready for this weekend's NFL DFS action with the Taco Report.

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Tacos Draft Kings Daily picks week 3

Week 2 Recap-

What’s happening people, Tacos here and ready to help you demolish your competition. No one’s going to stop us because we can’t be stopped, we’re like a freight train meeting a bean bag, we’re like a snowplow pushing feathers, we’re like a Kenny Powers fastball on crack. Annihilating our opponents by any means necessary. If you follow Tacos advice you will be a successful dfs player. When people ask you, do you win money at dfs? You can simply reply, does Dolly Parton sleep on her back? Your God damn right she does and we all know why. So now that we’ve discussed the important things in life let’s get into the featured slate on Draft Kings. This article will be broken up into five parts. First, I will post one or two of my lineups from the prior week so you guys can hold me accountable for my advice. Second, I will give a run down on how I think the slate should be played. Third, I will give you a list of my favorite players by position taking into consideration their draft kings price for the week. Fourth, I will give you my high-risk high reward plays of the week if there are any, and finally my chalky busts of the week.
How to play the slate

Last week didn’t go very well. Made one critical mistake by fading the Atlanta Green bay game. That game had one of the highest Point total on the slate. Will not make that mistake again. This week there is value at the receiver position and the tight end position. Always put the value guys in your lineup and build around them. The key is deciphering which is good value and which is bad value. For example, Chris Thompson is bad value and Higgins and Jack Doyle are good value. This week is also a good week for gpps because a lot of really good players in good spots are going to go heavily under owned.


1. Matt Stafford – Stafford has been great this year. This game should be one of the highest scoring games on the slate. Atlanta has good DBs, but I still think Stafford torches them. Not to mention Vic Beasley is out which should give Stafford more time to throw the ball.
2. Deshone Kizer – Kizer has not looked particularly well starting out the season, but neither has Carson Palmer who through for over 300 yards against the Colts this year. He’s only 5000 on draftkings and I think he exceeds 3X value.
Side note: Only using these two guys in my lineups. With that said I think Cam Newton makes a very nice gpp play this week even though he’s a piece of shit. I’m using Stafford in Cash, and Kizer in GPP’s.


1. CJ Anderson – I think Denver annihilates Buffalo this week. He’s underpriced at 5800. The volume alone makes him a must play in my book.

2. Kareem Hunt – Hunts usage rate is through the roof. You beat the Chargers on the ground and that’s exactly what Andy Reid likes to do.

3. Marshawn Lynch – Last week Marshawn would have had a big day if the game wasn’t such a blowout. I think this game is going to be much closer. Lynch gets all the goaline carries which makes him a safe in my book.

4. Theo Riddick – Riddick is in all my GPP lineups. Atlanta gives up a ton of receptions to the running back position. That just happens to be what Riddick does best.


1. Rashard Higgins – He’s at the top of my list because of price and Kenny Britt is a no talent lazy piece of shit. If you watch the games it looks as if Britt doesn’t give two shits about playing football anymore. With Coleman out, Higgins should be the number one target in Cleveland. I know that’s not saying much, but they’re playing Indi. Indi is going to try and stack the box and make Kizer beat them through the air and I believe that Kizer succeeds and Higgins is the benefactor.

2. Devin Funchess – Funchess is going to be the main benefactor in this offense with Greg Olson out. Benjamin only received two more targets than Funchess last game and he’s priced at 6700. Funchess is only priced at 4200. This is a dream matchup for Cam Newton and his receivers. If Cam can’t do it here, he won’t be able to do it anywhere.

3. Antonio Brown – I know big Ben sucks on the road, but in this case, I believe it will only help Antonio Brown. This game is going to be a much closer game with it being in Chicago. That translates to Big Ben having to throw for most of the game. Not to mention Chicago is another team that is easier to beat through the air than on the ground. No one on this team can cover Brown. This is one of the guys that I think will go under owned this week which makes him a good cash and GPP play.

Side note: These are the three main receivers that I’m using in my cash game lineups. With that said there are some juicy options that involve a little more risk. I will mention those guys in my high risk high reward plays.


1. Jack Doyle – I think Doyle is almost a must play in cash games this week. The Browns can’t defend the tight end position to save their life and it looks like the Colts can’t seem to throw the ball to anyone aside from Doyle. Not to mention he is underpriced at 3600 on Drafkings.

Side note: Doyle is in all my cash games this week, but there are some good high risk high reward plays at this position as well like Vernon Davis.


1. Tampa Bay – Tampa looked good last week on defense. Granted they were playing Mike Glennon and the Bears. With that said I think there a relatively safe defense to play this week going against Minnesota with no Sam Bradford. I will be using Tampa in all my cash Game lineups because of their price.

2. Denver Broncos – Buffalo is a dumpster fire and Denver has the best defense in the league. The only reason there not in all my lineups is because of price.

3. Patriots – Houston can’t score so that makes the Pats a safe play. There just a little too pricey for me.

4. Titans – If you want to pay down for defense I think the Titans are the way to go. Seattle looks like shit and there playing in Tennessee.

High Risk High reward value plays

1. A.J. Green – new offensive coordinator and great matchup.
2. Amari Cooper – Everyone thinks Norman will shadow him, but Norman plays 94% of his snaps on Crabtrees side. Everyone will own Crabtree this week.
3. Theo Riddick – Mentioned him above, but I also wanted to mention him here because I don’t want anyone to think that there isn’t risk involved with using Riddick in your lineups. There is always risk when using a third down back.
4. Austin Sefarian Jenkins – Back from suspension, McCown loves throwing to the tight end, and Jenkins is the most talented player on the Jets.
5. Ed Dickson – Very risky, but only 2700 and going against the saints filling in for Greg Olson.

Chalky busts of the week

1. Jay Ajayi – He’s banged up this week and I think Miami blows the Jets out of the water. I think he may only play three quarters. With that said I don’t mind using Ajayi in GPP’s. If Miami is just airing on the side of caution with him he could be in store for a big day.
2. Michael Crabtree – Everyone will own him and with good reason. But like I said before I don’t think Norman is going to shadow Cooper like everyone else does. I think he spends most of his time covering Crabtree.

Off the beaten path #1 stack

I think the only off the beaten path game stack would be Cleveland and Indi. I think you can use Kizer and Higgins, and I think Gore might be a sneaky play this week. Other than that, I don’t see any games that aren’t chalk that I think you should stack.