NFL DFS Week 14 Taco Report

Get the position by position DraftKings picks in the NFL DFS Week 14 Taco Report.

What’s happening people, Tacos here and ready to help you demolish your competition.  No one’s going to stop us because we can’t be stopped, we’re like a freight train meeting a bean bag, we’re like a snowplow pushing feathers, we’re like a Kenny Powers fastball on crack.  Annihilating our opponents by any means necessary.  If you follow Tacos advice you will be a successful dfs player.  When people ask you, do you win money at dfs?  You can simply reply, does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?  Your God damn right she does and we all know why.  So now that we’ve discussed the important things in life let’s get into the featured slate on Draft Kings.  This article will be broken up into four parts, First I will list my recommendations from the prior week and simply put what the player scored and if he was a hit or miss so that I can be held accountable for my recommendations, Second, I will give a run down on how I think the slate should be played, Third I will give you a list of my favorite players by position taking into consideration their draft kings price for the week, and fourth my chalky fades of the week.

Hits and Misses from the prior week


  1. Brett Hundley (5100) – complete miss 8.96 fantasy points
  2. Josh McCown (5500) – Hit, 34.14 fantasy points, wish I would have had more of him.
  3. Case Keenum (6000) – somewhat of a hit, 17 fantasy points, one point away from 3X value


  1. Todd Gurley (8200) – hit 21.8 fantasy points, no 3X, but last week 21.8 points from your RB was great.
  2. Carlos Hyde (6000) – miss 9.6 fantasy points, my mistake thought he would get a lot more check downs.
  3. Jamaal Williams (4700) – hit, 23.3 fantasy points, said I would be off of him if Jones plays, well I was wrong about that, he went bananas anyway.


  1. Hopkins (7300) – somewhat of a hit, 16 fantasy points didn’t destroy your lineup.
  2. Diggs (5800) – miss, 5.7 fantasy points, apparently atlanta’s backup cornerbacks are better than their starters.
  3. Mike Evans (7100) – miss, 5.3 fantasy points, fuck J. Winston.
  4. Larry Fitz. (6000) – hit, 25.8 fantasy points, balled out against the rams.
  5. Robby Anderson (6300) – hit, 22.4 fantasy points, guy just keeps getting it done.
  6. Cooper Kupp (6400) – miss, 11.8 fantasy points, not the end of the world, but definitely a miss.
  7. D Adams (6500) – miss, 8.2 fantasy points, fuck Hundley and McCarthy.



  1. Henry (4700) – hit, 15.1 fantasy points, and he didn’t even get in the box.
  2. Walker (5600) – hit, 17.3 fantasy points.


  1. Jaguars (4500) – hit, 12 fantasy points, I will always take over 10 points out of my defense.
  2. Chargers (4000) – hit, 11 fantasy points.

How to play the slate

This is the weirdest slate that I can remember playing.  Usually when I build my lineups I’m struggling to have enough salary cap money to put together a team, but this week I keep ending up with money left on table.  So that’s exactly what I’m going to, I’m going to leave money on the table.  I wouldn’t recommend playing cash games this week for that very reason.  In my opinion there is no obvious chalk because you don’t really need the value plays in your lineup to build a solid lineup.  My advice on this slate is to not worry about leaving salary cap money on the table.  If you like your team just stay with it.


  1. Jimmy Garoppolo (5500) – I talked about this guy last week when I recommended Carlos Hyde. I think he is a very good player and he has a great matchup this week against the Texans.  The quarterback position is thin as hell this week.  Houston defends the run well which should keep Garoppolo throwing.  If you use him, you can almost afford anyone else you like.  I don’t mind paring him up with Goodwin, Taylor, or both because of the price tag for Taylor.
  2. Eli Manning (4800) – GPP only play for me, but I think Eli is going to go completely overlooked. With quarterback being such a dumpster fire this week anything is possible.  What I like about manning is the Dallas defense is garbage, and he should be playing from behind most of the game.  The other thing I like is that I think he is going to come out trying to prove himself because of all the bullshit that went down with his ex-coach uncle Rico.  What I don’t like about Eli is that he’s Eli, and Shepard has a hammy problem, and Sean Lee is probably going to play.  I think those three reasons limit Manning’s upside, but I’m willing to take a shot anyway in a gpp due to his ownership level.
  3. Matt Stafford (6300) – Great matchup with the Bucs, but his throwing hand has a severe bruise. If his throwing hand was OK, he would be my number one QB this week.  Still going to have shares of him in GPP’s.
  4. Wentz (7100) – Tough matchup for Wentz, but going to have a share or two of him. Your going to get Wentz at his lowest ownership of the year.  Not to mention this game could turn into a shootout and Wentz has immense upside.  He’s low in my rankings due to price and matchup.


  1. Morris (5500) – It was hard for me to have him as my number one running back because DraftKings is a ppr and he doesn’t catch passes, but I have a strong feeling that he gets into the box. The giants are bad against the run, and the cowboys offensive line is finally healthy.  I think Dallas runs Morris into the ground.
  2. Gordon (7800) – Gordon has been up and down this year, but the matchup is juicy, and the chargers should be playing from ahead. My only concern is if this game turns into a blowout and Ekeler takes snaps away from Gordon.  Either way Gordon is my favorite of the high priced RB’s.
  3. Hunt (6500) – This is where I’m getting weird. I know Hunt has been garbage as of late, but that’s exactly why I’m recommending him.  Obviously a gpp only play but I believe he still has upside.  The Raiders are complete garbage against the run and I believe the Chiefs are going to be out in front in this one.  Your going to get Hunt at no ownership.  He’s still getting 3 to 4 receptions a week and if he gets 18 to 20 carries against that putrid Oakland defense you will be the only one with those points.
  4. Bernard (3100) – Only show in town for Cinci, and you can’t beat the price. If you need the savings and don’t mind playing Chalk Bernard should have no problem hitting value.
  5. Riddick (4500) – Decently priced, and if Abdullah is out I think Riddick is a great play especially with Stafford’s hand banged up. Stafford may be forced to check down more often than he would like.  I love pairing him up with Stafford for a nice contrarian stack.
  6. gore (3900) – I love gore this week, everyone will be on Bernard, and Gore will go overlooked. Buffalo is garbage against the run and gore is getting anywhere from 13 to 17 carries a game with a few receptions.  He’s a gpp only play for me, but at his price I think he reaches 3X value easily.



  1. Hopkins (8500) – He’s going to go ape shit against that Niners secondary. He’s a must play in all formats.
  2. Goodwin (5100) – He received 8 targets last week and brought all of them in. There starting to use Goodwin on short to intermediate routes which I like.  This guy is the fastest guy in the NFL and if you give him these kinds of opportunities it’s only a matter of time before he takes one to the house.  I think Goodwin has a monster week.  I would even play him in cash.
  3. Fitzgerard (6500) – With Gabbert at the helm of the offense Larry is in play every week. Gabbert just loves targeting him and the Titans are piss poor at defending the pass.
  4. Jones Jr. (6800) – He would be higher in my rankings if I knew Stafford was going to be completely healthy. With that said he has a ton of upside in a matchup against Tampa.  Ownership levels should be down because of Stafford’s health and he’s Stafford’s favorite red zone target.
  5. Taylor (3300) – If your looking for value at the wide receiver position Taylor is your guy. He caught all 6 of his targets for 92 yards last week with Garoppolo at the helm and the matchup couldn’t be better.
  6. Bryant (5900) – Last week I saw something in Bryant that I hadn’t seen in a long time. He looked explosive.  He’s had some bad outings against the Giants in the past, but that was when he was being covered by Janoris Jenkins.  With Jenkins on IR I think Dez should eat in this one even if they are playing from ahead.  He’s almost guaranteed a touchdown in this matchup.
  7. Crabtree (6700) – Should draw easy coverage with no Peters and Cooper is out so expect Carr to look his way quite often.
  8. Josh Gordon (5500) – Gordon was targeted 11 times last week against the chargers and he looked really good. Problem is that he’s going to be chalky as hell, the defense should key in on him more this week, and his quarterback is Garbage.  I’m not fading him completely because of the mathcup against the packers shitty secondary, but I’m definitely not as high on him as everyone else.
  9. Green (7300) – Green has been a target monster as of late. Problem is Chicago tends to play at a very slow pace and their defense isn’t that bad.  With that said 7300 is way too cheap for Green at this point in the season.  Cinci’s offense has been looking a lot better and I will definitely have a few shares of Green due to lack of ownership this week.


  1. Seferian-Jenkins (3600) – Jenkins is my number one because I believe ownership is going to be way down on him because of his recent performances and the fact that I still think Denver’s secondary is really good. I think their only weak spot is in the middle of the field and McCown still likes to target the big guy.
  2. Henry (4600) – Washington is terrible at defending the tight end position and Henry is just too good not to get more looks from Rivers. Last week he was targeted 9 times.  This week I think we see similar production.


  1. Chargers (3600) – The Chargers pass rush is going to destroy Cousins due to all the injuries on the Redskins offensive line. Earlier in the year I recommended the Cowboys defense in a similar situation and they got 19 fantasy points.
  2. Seahawks (3100) – If you want to be contrarian the Seahawks defense would be the way I go. I think Bortles is garbage and the Seahawks still have a good defense with a good pass rush even though there secondary is banged up.  Definitely a gpp only for me because I like the spot the chargers are in a lot better.

Chalky fades of the Week

  1. Hill (7100) – should be heavily owned because of last weeks performance. He has a good matchup, I just don’t trust him to do it two weeks in a row.
  2. Adams (6600) – Not sure if he will be chalky or not. If he is it will make me happy because McCourty will be shadowing him.  McCourty has shut down every single player he has shadowed this year aside from Antonio Brown.

Tacos Advice of the Week

“When lying to your wife always make sure you tell part of the truth.  For example, if your getting drunk with your friends after work and she calls you and asks what your doing, don’t lye just say you stopped by so and so’s house to have a couple of beers.  Rule of thumb if your have had 6 beers, just say you have had 2, if you have had 12 beers, just say you have had 4.  Basically 33% truth to 67% lie.  Don’t ever try and lie completely because you’ll just get caught anyway and it will cause trust issues in your relationship. ”