NFL DFS Week 15 Taco Report

Get your DraftKings lineups ready for this week's action with the NFL DFS Week 15 Taco Report.

What’s happening people, Tacos here and ready to help you demolish your competition.  No one’s going to stop us because we can’t be stopped, we’re like a freight train meeting a bean bag, we’re like a snowplow pushing feathers, we’re like a Kenny Powers fastball on crack.  Annihilating our opponents by any means necessary.  If you follow Tacos advice you will be a successful dfs player.  When people ask you, do you win money at dfs?  You can simply reply, does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?  Your God damn right she does and we all know why.  So now that we’ve discussed the important things in life let’s get into the featured slate on Draft Kings.  This article will be broken up into four parts, First I will list my recommendations from the prior week and simply put what the player scored and if he was a hit or miss so that I can be held accountable for my recommendations, Second, I will give a run down on how I think the slate should be played, Third I will give you a list of my favorite players by position taking into consideration their draft kings price for the week, and fourth my chalky fades of the week.

Hits and Misses from the prior week


  1. Garappolo (5500) – Hit 19.06 fantasy points.
  2. Eli Manning (4800) – Miss 11.12 fantasy points.
  3. Matt Stafford (6300) – Hit 20.24 fantasy points.
  4. Wentz (7100) – Hit 28.24 fantasy points and he didn’t even play the whole game.


  1. Morris (5500) – Miss 11.5 fantasy points, didn’t kill my lineups but definitely a miss.
  2. Gordon (7800) – Miss 15.3 fantasy points, 15.3 didn’t kill you but to win a gpp you needed 20-25 out of him.
  3. Hunt (6500) – Hit 25.8 fantasy points and was anywhere from 6-8% ownership.
  4. Bernard (3100) – hit 19 fantasy points
  5. Riddick (4500) – Hit 27.3 fantasy points, also went extremely under owned.
  6. Gore (3900) – Hit 18 fantasy points


  1. Hopkins (8500) – Hit 39.9 fantasy points, you needed him in your lineup if you wanted to win anything.
  2. Goodwin (5100) – Hit 19.6 fantasy points
  3. Fitzgerald (6500) – Miss 9.4 fantasy points, Good ol’ Larry fucked me again, from now on if I recommend Fitzy just avoid him at all costs. This is the third or fourth time he’s fucked me this year.  I recommended him on every bad outing that he has had and avoided him on every good one.
  4. Jones Jr. (6800) – Miss 9.4 fantasy points.
  5. Taylor (3300) – miss 3.1 fantasy points
  6. Bryant (5900) – hit 16.3 fantasy points, should have had a better day, buy dropped a few passes
  7. Crabtree (6700) hit 15 fantasy points, wasn’t a big hit but good enough to get you by.
  8. Gordon (5500) – hit 15.9 fantasy points
  9. AJ green (6500) – Miss 10.4 fantasy points


  1. Sefarian Jenkins (3600) – Miss 1.1 fantasy points, biggest miss of the day.
  2. Henry (4600) – Hit 15 fantasy points


  1. Chargers (3600) – miss 8 fantasy points. Would have liked to get 10 out of them, but they didn’t kill your lineup.
  2. Seahawks (3100) – miss 1 fantasy point. This was a large entry gpp only play.

How to play the slate

There isn’t too much value on this slate and there aren’t any real must plays like there were last week.   I believe you build a fair and balanced lineup.  There are a couple of value plays I like that will allow you to pay up for Kamara, Bell, or Brown.  With that said I’m not sure if any of those guys are necessary to have in all your lineups, but I think that if you were building multiple lineups all those guys should be sprinkled in the mix.  If you’re a single lineup kind of guy Bell would be my favorite high-priced option.  Good luck everyone.


  1. Wilson (7300) – I think this is going to be somewhat of a shootout. I think the rams might get out in front forcing Wilson to have to throw.  It’s a must win for both teams.  I will be surprised if Wilson gets you less than 25 fantasy points.
  2. Newton (6400) – Cam is always risky, but with Aaron Rodgers back it should force Cam to come out and play. A lot of his game is mental and he’s very egotistical.  Cam would like to think that he is as good as Rodgers.  I think he tries to prove it on Sunday.
  3. Brady (7600) – Brady is going to come out pissed off. I think he throws for over 400 yards in this potential shootout.
  4. Nick Foles (5500) – This Philly team is well coached. Not all the credit should go to Carson Wentz, but in fact should go to the coaching staff.  I think Foles has a decent game.  At least 15 fantasy points.  With that said game flow will not be in his favor so his upside is capped.

Side note: I don’t mind Goff, or Big Ben either, just higher on Newton and Wilson.  But I think Goff and Big Ben are interesting gpp options.


  1. Drake (5800) – Buffalo is garbage against the run and Drake is the only show in town. Last week Gore put up 18 fantasy points.
  2. Lev Bell (9300) – The Pats couldn’t stop Drake last week, what do you think Bell is going to do to them.
  3. Alex Collins (5000) – The Browns are starting to show their true color at defending the run. Collins runs hard and is getting most of the work.
  4. Davis (4000) – This guy runs hard and this should be a high scoring game. It’s much easier to beat the rams on the ground.  Davis is also involved in the passing game as well.  If he can stay healthy I think he could have a break out game.
  5. Williams (4000) – He’s getting volume and gets a nice matchup vs the Redskins.




  1. Funchess (6600) – Funchess is Newtons guy right now and the packs secondary is garbage.
  2. Goodwin (6000) – Target monster as of late and the Niners are going to have to win via the pass to beat Tennessee.
  3. A Jefferey (5900) – He’s the only receiver Foles looked for as soon as Foles entered the game. He ended up being targeted 11 times.
  4. Lee (5800) – I think lee is a great pivot off of Westbrook even though Westbrook is cheaper. Westbrook plays out of the slot more than Lee and usually number one wideouts do better vs the Texans.
  5. Richardson (4600) – This is more of a gut play and he’s only 4600 in a game that I believe will be high scoring. It seems that Wilson looks Richardson’s way quite often.

Side note: these are not the only players that I like this week.  These are just guys that I have a lot of exposure to.  If I change my opinion from now until Sunday I will tweet it out.


  1. Walker (5200) – He’s the number one receiving option for the titans, and the Niners won’t be able to defend him.
  2. Ertz (6000) – Great matchup, but new quarterback. Hopefully they keep utilizing Ertz the same way they did when Wentz was quarterback.
  3. Watson (3800) – Great matchup, but he doesn’t get many targets. Hopefully that changes in this matchup.  He’s the best value at tight end this week.


  1. Saints (3900) – they are facing Bryce Petty.
  2. Jaguars (4500) – They are always in play especially against T.J. Yates.

Chalky fades of the Week

Honestly not sure where the chalk is going to be this week.  There are no must plays and the chalk that there is I like.

Tacos Advice of the Week

In a hurry today, only advice I can think of is don’t piss in the wind.  Metaphorically and literally.  Good luck everyone, Ill try to think of some more taco advice for next week.