NFL DFS Week 16 Taco Report

Get ready for this weekend's DraftKings slate with the NFL DFS Week 16 Taco Report.


What’s happening people, Tacos here and ready to help you demolish your competition. No one’s going to stop us because we can’t be stopped, we’re like a freight train meeting a bean bag, we’re like a snowplow pushing feathers, we’re like a Kenny Powers fastball on crack. Annihilating our opponents by any means necessary. If you follow Tacos advice you will be a successful dfs player. When people ask you, do you win money at dfs? You can simply reply, does Dolly Parton sleep on her back? Your God damn right she does and we all know why. So now that we’ve discussed the important things in life let’s get into the featured slate on Draft Kings. This article will be broken up into four parts, First I will list my recommendations from the prior week and simply put what the player scored and if he was a hit or miss so that I can be held accountable for my recommendations, Second, I will give a run down on how I think the slate should be played, Third I will give you a list of my favorite players by position taking into consideration their draft kings price for the week, and fourth my chalky fades of the week.


1. R. Wilson (7300) miss 12.58 fantasy points
2. C. Newton (6400) hit 30.5
3. T. Brady (7600) miss 16.7
4. Nick Foles (5500) hit 25.48

1. K. Drake (5800) hit 23.3
2. L. Bell (9300) hit 30.5
3. A. Collins (5000) miss 10.2
4. M. Davis (4000) miss 5.9
5. K. Williams (4000) miss 6.1 went out in second half injured

1. D. Funchess (6600) miss, I think he’s pretty banged up
2. M. Goodwin (6000) hit 25.4
3. A. Jeffery (5900) somewhat of a hit 14.9 very low owned
4. M. Lee (5800) 0 points Got injured immediately
5. P. Richardson (4600) miss 3.8 Wilson sucked donkey dick that day

1. D. Walker (5200) hit 13.7 could’ve been worse
2. Z. Ertz (6000) hit 17.6
3. B. Watson (3700) hit 17.4

1. Saints (3900) miss 6
2. Jaguars (4500) hit 10, should have been a much bigger hit if 2 defensive touchdowns weren’t call back.


There is a lot of ways to play this slate. Feel free to play gpp’s or cash games. Im building about six lineups for this slate. For the most part I’m paying up at one of the running back positions, and the other I’m pretty much using Dion Lewis everywhere. I like a lot of the mid-tier receivers, and I prefer to pay down at tight end position, maybe even punt it completely and use Antonio Gates. If you like to pay up for tight end, I think your only option is Gronk. I think he has a big day. At defense I prefer some of the mid-priced to cheap options. If you want to be contrarian at defense I think you pay up and take the Jag’s. for some reason everyone thinks the Niners are going to pull off a win. No one will own the jag’s and they put up 20 fantasy points every other game. Good luck everyone and merry Christmas!


1. R. Wilson (7000) – After last weeks performance people will be off of him especially since he’s the most expensive quarterback. Dallas is garbage and use a lot of 3-man rush. You’re not tackling Russell Wilson behind the line of scrimmage unless your sending at the bare minimum of 5 guys. I think he has a big rushing and passing day at low ownership.
2. M. Stafford (6200) – Cinci is completely riddled with injuries on the defensive side of the ball and Detroit is incapable of running the football which forces Stafford to throw it 40 times a game. If Stafford has to throw that much against a bunch of backups it could get ugly quick for the Bengals.
3. D. Brees (6500) – This is about the price Brees should be. With that said I think he has upside at this price and you will get him at a low ownership.
4. Cam Newton (6800) – I have Cam at number four because I just don’t trust him. He’s such a bitch. Anytime things go wrong he shuts down like a little kid, or if he’s in a bad mood he doesn’t even try. Not to mention both teams know eachother really well which usually translates into a lower scoring affair. I don’t think you need to fade him because he has a lot of upside and he’s in a good matchup, but I definitely wouldn’t use him in every lineup.
5. Drew Stanton (4500) – I know he sucks a fat one, but hear me out. The Giants are rejuvenated after the firing of uncle Rico and they’re going to put up points. The cards can’t run the ball and it should force Stanton to have to throw all game against a depleted Giants secondary.


1. Dion Lewis (6000) – Without Burkhead in the lineup I think Lewis gets the bulk of the carries against Buffalos terrible run defense. I think he’s the best value at running back this week.
2. Melvin Gordon (7200) – Gordon should get the bulk of the carries and the pass catching down work with Austin Ekeler banged up in a game where they should be playing from ahead.
3. Zeke Elliot (8000) – Zeke is way underpriced and should have fresh legs against a beaten-up Seahawks defense. I like Zeke better than almost all the top options of the slate this week.
4. K. Drake (7100) – Not the best matchup on the board, but Miami’s whole offense is running through Drake and Landry right now. Drake seems to produce even when Cutler sucks balls. Williams is doubtful so that should solidify Drake’s workload.


1. CJ Anderson (5500) – He has been getting a huge workload as of late and I think Denver’s defense shuts down the redskins.


1. K. Cole (4700) – Best value at the wide receiver position in a plus matchup with M. Lee out.
2. J. Landry (6300) – Landry is a target monster and should draw the easiest coverage out of the Miami receivers.
3. M. Sanu (5700) – Sanu is going to draw easy coverage in this matchup and Matt Ryan loves throwing to him in the end zone.
4. S. Shepard (6600) – Peterson will not follow Shepard into the slot where he usually plays. Manning does not know how to throw the football to anyone else aside from him and Engram.
5. L. Fitzgerald (6800) – Last time Stanton started he targeted Fitzgerald 14 times against the Seahawks. The prior game against the Niners he targeted him 9 times. He’s Stantons safety Blanky.
6. D. Baldwin (6300) – Dallas is terrible against slot Receivers and Russell Wilson is going to come out like a mad man in this matchup after getting his ass kicked against the Rams. Baldwin will be overlooked this week due to his recent production.
7. Josh Gordon (6300) – Initially I had a lot of Josh Gordon in my lineups, but the more I looked at the matchup and pace of play I took him out of most of my lineups. He’s still worth a shot due to talent alone and target volume.


1. T. Williams (4500) – Great GPP option with Keenan Allen banged up. This guy is capable of big games and at 4500 you can’t beat his price.
2. D. Byrd (3500) – Cam seems to like to target him in the endzone and Funchess is pretty banged up. There not even sure if he will play. At the price of 3500 I think he’s worth a shot in a large field GPP.


1. C. Clay (3800) – Too cheap for a guy who is really the number one wide receiver for his team. I think Brady and the Patriots come out firing due to there recent shitty performance. This should keep Tyrod throwing which translates into a possible big game for Buffalos receiving corps which is basically Charles Clay.
2. Antonio Gates (2500) -Henry is out and Gates and Cumberland are really the only two pass catching tight ends that the Chargers have. We all know how much Rivers loves Gates so I expect him to get some targets. I don’t expect a huge game out of him, but he allows you to pay up at the other positions.


1. Vernon Davis (3400) – Due to his recent performance he will go very under-owned. I don’t think Cousins will be able to complete many passes to the wideouts due to tough coverage and Denver has one of the best run defenses in the league. I expect Davis to get his fair share of targets in this game.
2. Jeff Cumberland (2500) – No one in their right mind will own him. Like I said before, him and Gates are the only pass catching tight ends on the team. Everyone knows when Gates goes in the game that the Chargers plan to throw. It wouldn’t surprise me if they throw in Cumberland near the end zone and show run then dump it off to him in the end zone when no one is expecting it. I also don’t think that K. Allen plays a full game due to his injury.

Side note: I can’t believe that I just talked so much about fucking Jeff Cumberland.


1. Denver (3200) – I think Denver shuts down the Redskins. The defensive backs are still some of the best in the league and their run defense is top five. The only one I see producing is possibly Vernon Davis. Other than that, I think Denver shuts them down and should go very under-owned.
2. Carolina (3100) – I think Winston sucks donkey dick and Carolina is at home.


1. Jaguars (3900) – Apparently Draftkings prices down defenses now if they’re playing the Niners. Everyone seems to think that the Niners pull this one off. I personally think they get blown out. I like Garoppolo as much as the next guy, but the last two games he has played were against Tennessee and Houston, two of the worst pass defenses in the league. The only real defense that he has played is Chicago and there not even worthy of tying the Jaguars shoelaces when it comes to defense. I think the jags will go very under owned and the only reason there not in all my lineups is due to price.


1. A. Kamara (8300) – I’m not fading him entirely because he is so talented, but I think the days of pass catching backs gashing the Falcons are over. They have some really fast linebackers this year and I think they can cap Kamara’s upside. I don’t recommend fading him everywhere, but I do think it’s a good idea not to have him as one of your core guys this week especially because I think he will be the highest owned running back in gpp’s and cash. If your playing cash only I would play him and eat the chalk in case he goes off, but in GPP’s I think it’s a good idea to fade him.