NFL DFS Week 17 Taco Report

Get your DraftKings lineups ready for the final week of regular season action with the NFL DFS Week 17 Taco Report.

Tacos Draft Kings Daily picks week 17 featured slate

What’s happening people, Tacos here and ready to help you demolish your competition.  No one’s going to stop us because we can’t be stopped, we’re like a freight train meeting a bean bag, we’re like a snowplow pushing feathers, we’re like a Kenny Powers fastball on crack.  Annihilating our opponents by any means necessary.  If you follow Tacos advice you will be a successful dfs player.  When people ask you, do you win money at dfs?  You can simply reply, does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?  Your God damn right she does and we all know why.  So now that we’ve discussed the important things in life let’s get into the featured slate on Draft Kings.  This article will be broken up into four parts, First I will list my recommendations from the prior week and simply put what the player scored and if he was a hit or miss so that I can be held accountable for my recommendations, Second, I will give a run down on how I think the slate should be played, Third I will give you a list of my favorite players by position taking into consideration their draft kings price for the week, and fourth my chalky fades of the week.

Hits and Misses from the prior week


  1. Wilson (7000) – 14.6 miss
  2. Stafford (6200) – 11.8 miss
  3. Brees (6500) – 12.2 miss
  4. Newton (6800) – 16.6 miss
  5. Stanton (4500) – 14.5 hit


  1. Lewis (6000) – 35.3 major hit, fixed my QB problem
  2. Gordon (7200) – 21.8 hit
  3. Elliot (8000) – 15.8 miss because of price, but not terrible. Should have scored as well.  Jason Garrett is a fucktard.
  4. Drake (7100) – 5.7 miss


  1. Cole (4700) – 19.8 big hit for a price
  2. Landry (6300) – miss 9.1
  3. Sanu (5700) – 7.1 big miss luckily he was only 5700
  4. Shepard (6600) – 9.5 miss
  5. Fitzgerard (7100) – big hit
  6. Baldwin (6700) – 13.5 miss, although 13.5 shouldn’t have killed you.
  7. Gordon (6300) – 3.9 miss, Kizer shouldn’t be in the NFL


  1. Clay (3800) – 7.7 miss
  2. Gates (2500) – 20.1 big hit for his price


  1. Denver (3200) – 4 miss
  2. Carolina (3100) – 19 big hit

How to play the slate

What’s happening people Tacos here with the last full slate write up of the year.  I possibly might write up some playoff slates.  Well see.  Anyhow it’s been a fun season and I hope you all enjoyed the Taco Report.  Now let’s get into this week 17 slate.  Obviously if your playing you should know that not all the starters are going to be playing due to certain meaningless games.  I’m not going to get into each and every game that matters, but I can assure you that the players I recommend are going to be playing for something.  With that said I can’t control if a coach decides to change his mind midway through a game.  This slate has a lot of value at the Running back position.  The problem is there are a couple of high priced running backs with a ton of upside that I don’t recommend fading.  At the very least do not fade them in all your lineups.  I’m building most of my lineups paying down for one running back and paying up for the other.  This week I’m building about 9 lineups with basically the same core guys and mixing and matching at a few positions.  I don’t have a problem playing cash games this week if that’s your thing, but do realize that there is a lot of risk involved playing in week 17.  Also realize that there is a lot of opportunity in week 17 because most football fans won’t understand or play the right guys considering all the teams sitting players.  Good luck everyone and I hope you continue enjoying the Taco Report.


  1. Kirk Cousins (6200) – Cousins will be playing for a contract and has the lowly Giants defense. I think he can put up big numbers in this one and is the most decently priced quarterback with upside this week.
  2. Stafford (6300) – He’s going against a shitty Green Bay secondary and he always seems to light them up.
  3. Newton (6800) – It’s a meaningful game for Cam and I expect him to come out playing hard this week. When Cam tries he puts up big numbers.  The only reason he’s number 3 is due to his price.


  1. McCoy (8000) – It’s a must win game for the Bills to get into the playoffs and McCoy should be the main focal point of there offense.
  2. Kamara (7900) – It’s a meaningful game for the Saints and this guy has way too much upside to fade this week. Last week he was my fade of the week and it somewhat worked out, but this week is different.  In my opinion the matchup is a much juicier one going up against Tampa who have proven to be terrible at defending pass catching running backs.
  3. Lewis (6800) – Burkhead and Gillislee are going to be out of the lineup for the Pats which leaves Lewis with all the work aside from a questionable J. White. The Pats are still playing for home field advantage.  Expect Lewis to get a heavy workload against the Jets a team that the Patriots should handle with ease with Bryce Petty at the helm of the Jets offense.
  4. Williams (5200) – The lions have been getting beat up on the ground there last six games. A. Jones is out which should leave Williams with the bulk of the workload in the passing game and the running game.  He’s a great play at 5200.
  5. Perine (4500) – Should get most of the workload with only K. Bibbs to back him up. Has a fantastic matchup against the Giants and he’s priced down at 4500.  If the Redskins were better at running the football he would be much higher in my rankings.
  6. Collins (5600) – The more the Ravens give the ball to him the more likely they are to win. Has a decent matchup against the Bengals and the Ravens need to try and win the game to guarantee a playoff spot.


Large field GPP RB fliers

  1. Gallman (4200) – Has been getting more carries and has been getting all the receptions out of the backfield for the Giants. With Sterling Shepard out of the lineup look for Ely to throw a lot of check downs to Gallman.


  1. Allen (7800) – Chargers are in a must win game and Allen has been Rivers favorite target all year. He has a pretty easy matchup against the lowly Raiders.  I expect him to be targeted 10 to 15 times.
  2. Hilton (5900) – T.Y. does well in easy matchups and it doesn’t get much better than the one he is in on Sunday. The Texans have been destroyed each and every week through the air since Merciless and Watts got injured.  Last time Hilton faced the Texans he put up a whopping 37.5 fantasy points.
  3. Fuller (4300) – Hopkins isn’t going to play, and the Colts are a nice matchup for any receiver. I would be more concerned recommending him, but he’s only 4300.  Even with Hopkins in the lineup he’s been averaging around 5 targets a game.  I think he can easily hit 3X value in this one.
  4. Fitzgerald (6900) – Fitzgerald is a target monster each and every week as long as Stanton is leading the offense. No one on Seattle can cover him and last time he faced this team he put up 24.3 fantasy points.  The only concern I have with Fitz is if he plays the whole game.  I expect he will because Arizona has been out of the playoff picture for a long time now.  Hopefully he plays a full allotment of snaps.
  5. Landry (6200) – Landry is still a target monster even though he put up a dud last week. In week 15 he faced the bills and put up 19.9 fantasy points and was targeted 13 times.

Large Field GPP WR Fliers

  1. Cooper (3000) – The Rams are treating this game as if it were a pre-season game. During the pre-season Cooper seemed to have the most chemistry with Sean Mannion (Rams backup QB).  I would be all over the Rams this week because I believe their offense is very system based.  Meaning I don’t believe it matters much who plays running back or quarterback (so long as there not as shitty as Kizer or Landry Jones), but the problem is they are also sitting a bunch of there offensive linemen.  Because of that I’m not touching most of the Rams players.  With that said Cooper at 3000 is enticing because I don’t think anyone will own him and the matchup against the Niners is a juicy one.  I will have a few shares of him in large field GPP’s.


  1. Clay (3700) – It’s a must win game for the Bills and Clay is still getting the target volume even though he hasn’t produced as of late. Miami has been god awful at defending tight ends as of late and you can’t beat his price at 3700.
  2. Antonio Gates (4200) – Old man Gates and old man Rivers are back together like Batman and Robin. I’ll never understand why Rivers loves throwing to him so much, and not to Hunter Henry, but sometimes quarterbacks just feel comfortable with one guy and not the other.  This is a juicy matchup against the Raiders who are at the bottom of the pack at defending the tight end position.  He’s still decently priced and hopefully gets his fair share of targets.


  1. San Francisco (2100) – I can’t believe I’m recommending the Niners at defense, but with the rams starting a backup quarterback and sitting there starting LT and C, the niners should make short work of them. I’m not recommending any other defenses because I only recommend who I play.  I’m going all in on the niners defense this week.


Chalky fades of the Week

  1. Brown (3900) – He will be the starting running back for the Rams. I’m fading him because I believe he will share carries with J. Davis and loose receptions to L. Dunbar.  He will also be playing with the backup LT and backup C.