NFL DFS Week 7 Taco Report

Get ready for this weekend's DraftKings action with the NFL DFS Week 7 Taco Report.

Tacos Draft Kings Daily picks week 7 featured slate

What’s happening people, Tacos here and ready to help you demolish your competition.  No one’s going to stop us because we can’t be stopped, we’re like a freight train meeting a bean bag, we’re like a snowplow pushing feathers, we’re like a Kenny Powers fastball on crack.  Annihilating our opponents by any means necessary.  If you follow Tacos advice you will be a successful dfs player.  When people ask you, do you win money at dfs?  You can simply reply, does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?  Your God damn right she does and we all know why.  So now that we’ve discussed the important things in life let’s get into the featured slate on Draft Kings.  This article will be broken up into five parts.  First, I will post one or two of my lineups from the prior week so you guys can hold me accountable for my advice.  Second, I will give a run down on how I think the slate should be played.  Third, I will give you a list of my favorite players by position taking into consideration their draft kings price for the week.  Fourth, I will give you my high-risk high reward plays of the week if there are any, and finally my chalky busts of the week.

How to play the slate

This slate has a ton of good value.  It almost has too much good value, especially if Leonard Fournette doesn’t play.  This week I believe is more of a gpp week because of all the chalk and the fact there are a lot of good plays that aren’t chalk.   It’s a great week to play gpp’s because everyone will be on the same players.  There is so much good value that it’s going to be easy to get off the grid with our players and still feel comfortable with our lineup.  If you’re strictly a cash game player, at the bottom of my article I’m going to add a section distinguishing which players I believe you should use strictly in gpp’s.   This is a week to pay down at the quarterback position because of game flow concerns I have with some of the more expensive QB’s.  There’s not much good value at RB unless Fournette doesn’t play, but there are some good mid-tier guys if your trying to build a solid cash game lineup, and there are a lot of good options in the top tier if your trying to get off the grid in your gpp’s.  Either way I believe you pay down for QB in cash and in gpps for this slate.  Receiver is where we’re going to find our good value this week.  In cash I don’t really want to have more than two value plays unless they are a backup running back that we know already has a solid role.  When paying down for receiver it’s always a little risky.  So, in cash no finding more than two value plays if they are a receiver or tight end, but in gpp’s it’s no holds barred.  Just a heads up for everyone reading, my number 1 QB this week might make you throw up a little.  I know I do every time I start thinking about watching this fucktard play football.  The Taco Report is not for the faint of heart, read at your own risk.


  1. Blake Bortles(4700) – Recommending Bortles makes me want to go get checked for Aids or some other new type of STD that only the dirtiest of all whores have. That’s how disgusted and dirty I feel recommending this piece of garbage.  Ok, now that we got that out of the way let’s get into why I want to use him.  Number one he’s 4700 so that allows me to have Elliot, Bell, and Antonio Brown in the same lineup, number two Fournette is banged up which means they might decide not to rely entirely on their running game, number three the colts are absolutely god awful against the pass.  First week J. Goff threw for 306, 1 TD no ints, week two Palmer throws for 332, 1, and 1, week three D. Kizer(worst QB in NFL) throws for 242, 2, 3, week four R. Wilson throws for 295, 2, and 2, week five Bryan Hoyer throw for 353, 2, 0, and in week six an injured Mariota throws for 306, 1, and 1. anyhow I think I’ve talked enough about this piece of garbage, I’m going to go bathe in hand sanitizer so that I don’t catch the AID’s for recommending Bortles. Play at your own risk.


  1. Brett Hundley (5100) – Moves well in the pocket, looks down field ok, weak arm, and he threw three picks in his debut. This guy is going to be the chalk of all chalks in cash and in gpp’s.  So that means we play him in cash and fade him in gpp’s.  I don’t say that about all chalk, there is good chalk as well, but Hundley is not good chalk.  The Saints defense looks to have improved significantly, Hundley is completely unproven, and in all honesty the rest of the offensive talent is garbage in Green Bay.  Jordy’s washed up, Adams is just an average number two receiver, and we probably wouldn’t even know who Randall Cobb was if it wasn’t for Aaron Rodgers.  I think people forget how good Aaron Rodgers is, and how much better he makes everyone else.  With that said he will most likely be playing from behind, which means volume shouldn’t be an issue.  He did look somewhat capable in his debut against Minnesota.  And he’s cheap.  Because he is so chalky is why we must play him in cash.  The reason being is because you’re taking a huge risk with the guy that your using to replace Hundley.  Your replacement must outscore Hundley, be as cheap as Hundley, and if he doesn’t outscore Hundley you’re fucked.  Last week it bit me in the ass with Mckinnon.  I should have never faded Mckinnon in cash last week for the reasons I just stated above.


Side note: If you’re looking to pay up at QB Dak Prescott and Drew Brees are the guys I would look to, but Hundley and Bortles will be the only QB’s I’m targeting this week.



  1. Lev Bell (9100) – he’s been ballin out as of late and the Steelers should either win this one easily or Cinci plays them competitive, either way game-flow should be in favor of Bell in this one.


  1. Zeke Elliot (9000) – Niners have done well against the run this year, but game flow is going to be in favor of Zeke in this matchup. CJ Beatheard is a piece of garbage and the cowboys are getting back Sean lee.  The cowboys are going to beat the living piss out of the Niners.  Elliot may see 30 touches between the pass and the run this week.


  1. Chris Ivory (4800) – I like Chris Ivory at 4800. He should hit value in this matchup if Fournette is out. If Fournette is in Ivory is a good gpp play.  If Fournette is out you must play Ivory in your cash.  He will be 90% owned, but this is another player I will be fading entirely in gpp’s if Fournette is out.  I don’t think he’s going to have the game everyone thinks he will have.  The colts have been good against the run this year.  Like I said before I think Bortles does it through the air.


  1. Shady McCoy (7400) – Tampa is garbage and McCoy is the main focal point in that offense, especially with Clay out. He’s going to be a staple in my cash lineups.


  1. Jordan Howard (6400) – Great volume, decently priced, and Luke Kuechly the star middle linebacker for the panthers is doubtful. Can’t ignore Howard anymore with Trubisky at the helm of da Bears.


  1. Christian McCaffrey – The Bears don’t give up a lot of yards on the ground or in the air, but they do give up yards to receiving backs. Benjamin is banged up and Olson is gone, this guy is featured heavily in this offense.  It seems like every play the offense is trying to get him the ball.  I think he is a great gpp play this week.






  1. Eric Decker (4300) – Apparently the Browns have a shutdown corner and he will probably be shadowing Rishard Matthews. Decker is becoming one of Mariota’s favorite targets and the Browns give a lot of yards to opposing wide receivers and Decker has the best matchup.  Not to mention Walker is banged up.  He should easily reach 3X value.


  1. Robert Woods (4000) – Heaviest targeted receiver on the rams and if Peterson plays he should shadow Watkins. If Peterson doesn’t play Woods is still the most targeted receiver, and the cardinals have been giving up tons of yards to opposing wide receivers.  He only needs 12 points to hit 3X value.



  1. Antonio Brown (8900) – Big Ben is at home, pac man jones is probably out and these two teams hate each other. I think the Steelers run up the score in this one.  Bell and Brown both put up 30 burgers.


  1. Dez Bryant (7800) – Two touchdowns, 120 yards, and six of the Dallas cowgirls Jerry Jones pays to give Dez the night of his life after he gets medieval on that niners defense. Another staple in my cash game lineups.


  1. Jarvis Landry (6800) – Parker is out and this should be a competitive game. Ol weasel face should target him repeatedly.


  1. A.J. Greene (8300) – Cinci should be playing from behind in this game and A.J. Greene is the only show in town. He has always played well against the Steelers, but like I said he’s the only show in town in Cinci.  All the Steelers must do is shut him down and they win the game.  That’s why I have him number 6.


  1. Michael Thomas – He’s Drew Brees’s favorite target against a shitty packer’s secondary. My worry in this game is game flow.  I still think Thomas has a solid floor with plenty of upside in this one.


  1. Mike Evans (7600) – Will go super low owned in gpp’s and in cash. Looks like Winston is good to go but slightly banged up.  He’s a great gpp play because of ownership.  Buffalo has been tough against the pass, but no one matches up well against Evans on that defense.




  1. Nick O’leary (3100) – Cheap as hell and he’s the tight end for Buffalo. The general manager and the head coach in Buffalo decided they didn’t need wide receivers to compete in the NFL.  So now you have McCoy and O’leary.  After Clay went out O’leary got 6 targets.  I don’t see a big game out of O’leary, but he only needs 9.3 points to reach 3X value.


  1. George Kittle (3600) – Has been getting targeted heavily the last two weeks. Niners should be playing from behind which should give Kittle plenty of volume.  Apparently the shitty QB for the Niners went to school with him.  To be honest, I really don’t care.  Your either going to throw to the tight end or you’re not, and recently he’s been targeted quite a bit.  He only needs 10.8 points to reach 3X value.  I think he gets there with ease.


  1. Jimmy Graham (4900) – I know it sound crazy but Graham is under priced. The last three weeks he’s been targeted like crazy.  The Giants have a great secondary and in my opinion are not horrible against the run.  Seattle can’t run, and the DB’s should shut out the Seahawks wideouts, so if Seattle wants to win this ball game Jimmy Graham needs to be the main focal point.


  1. Kyle Rudolph (3800) – With Diggs out and Baltimore’s secondary being so stingy, I could see Rudolph having a good game. Thielen will probable get shut down.


  1. Delanie Walker (5800) – If Walker is healthy he’s a great play problem is that I think he’s pretty banged up. If he is out Jonnu Smith (2600) will make his way into quite a few of my lineups. (cash and gpp).


  1. Austin Sefarian Jenkins (5000) – Main focal point of that offense and should be a safe play.





  1. Minnesota (3300) – Ravens are garbage and they’re too cheap.
  2. Ravens (2900) – Ravens have been ballin out on defense lately and they got Williams back to help there run defense. Not to mention Diggs is out.
  3. Seahawks (4000) – If you can pay up for them I would. They had a whole week of film to watch the debacle that is the New York Giants football team without any of their good players.  The Broncos went into that game flat.  Seattle will not take their shitty team lightly.  I hope they beat them by 100, I can’t fucking stand Mcadoodllidoo.  He looks like he should be drinking a Budweiser at a NASCAR event routing for everyone to crash.  I know that makes him sound cool as fuck, but not as a head coach in the NFL.


GPP Only

  1. Blake Bortles
  2. Seahawks
  3. Kittle
  4. O’leary
  5. McCaffrey
  6. J. Green
  7. Chris Ivory if Founette is in, if he’s out only in cash.


  1. If DeMarco Murray is out then Derick Henry becomes a must play in Cash.
  2. If Delanie Walker is out then Jonnu Smith makes a great TE Cash play.
  3. Pierre Garçon makes for a safe cash play as well.

Good luck everyone! Don’t forget to tweet me for any advice @tacoooodfs.  Have a great weekend.