NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Picks

Get ready for this weekend's NFL Playoffs Divisional Round action with the game by game picks.

NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Picks

The Wild Card round is in the books and the dogs were barking. This weekend we have some large spreads and it seems at first glance that the favorites will be advancing next weekend… least in the AFC. Over/Unders are pretty average at best this week, but we as degenerates are hoping for offense. Let’s see what all the SD members and outside contributors like with the NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Picks. (all betting lines were as of Thursday evening, some have changed so ask the guys if you have questions)

ATL @ PHI (ATL -3, O/U 41)- As expected this is one of the closer games for the guys. The spread is completely split 5 vs 5 and the Over has the 6 vs 4 advantage. This game comes down to are the Falcons back or can Nick Foles actually produce in the playoffs.

                                ATL vs PHI
BettegasewinPHI +3Over 41
RichardV77PHIPHI +3Over 41
KevinsDelightATLATL -3Under 41
KCBubbaATLATL -3Under 41
KizK20PHI +3Under 41
Positive_VigPHIPHI +3Over 41
JortSportsATLATL -3Over 41
Adam BurkeATLATL -3Under 41
RomeChowderATLPHI +3Over 41
CwalkBetsATLATL -3Over 41


TEN @ NE (NE -13.5, O/U47)- All the guys feel the Patriots win outright and that’s nothing new to anyone with a pulse, but the under getting 7 of the 10 picks may be surprising to some. Apparently the guys feel the Patriots beat the Titans down but don’t put up a big big number.

                                TEN vs NE
BettegasewinNENE -13.5Under 47
RichardV77NENE -13.5Under 47
KevinsDelightNENE -13.5Under 47
KCBubbaNENE -13.5Under 47
KizK20NENE -13.5OVER 47
Positive_VigNETEN +13.5Under 47
JortSportsNETEN +13.5OVER 47
Adam BurkeNENE -13.5OVER 47
RomeChowderNETEN +13.5Under 47
CwalkBetsTEN +13.5Under 47


JAX @ PIT (PIT -7, O/U41)-  Similar to the Patriots, most feel the Steelers advance in the rematch from earlier this year where the Jaguars beat down Big Ben and company. The difference is, many feel it’ll be close as they have the Steelers winning, but the Jags covering. This appears to be a low scoring slug fest as the under is a favorite of the bunch as well.

                                JAX vs PIT
BettegasewinPITPIT -7Under 41
RichardV77PITJAX +7Over 41
KevinsDelightPITPIT -7Over 41
KCBubbaPITJAX +7Over 41
KizK20JAX +7Over 41
Positive_VigPITJAX +7Under 41
JortSportsPITJAX +7Under 41
Adam BurkePITPIT -7Under 41
RomeChowderPITPIT -7Under 41
CwalkBetsJAX +7Under 41


NO @ MIN (MIN -4.5, O/U46) The finale of the Divisional Round takes us to Minnesota in a very, very interesting matchup. The Saints looked solid last weekend and have looked really good overall this season, while the Vikings have been really good as well, especially at home. Many think this will be a high scoring (2nd highest total on the slate), close game. The group really thinks the Saints will cover as that is 8 vs 2, where as the over is 6 vs 4. Either way, this game is definitely shaping up to be a very good game that may be overlooked by many.

                                NO vs MIN
BettegasewinNO +4.5Over 46
RichardV77MINNO +4.5Over 46
KevinsDelightNONO +4.5Under 46
KCBubbaNONO +4.5Over 46
KizK20MINMIN -4.5Under 46
Positive_VigMINNO +4.5Under 46
JortSportsMINNO +4.5Under 46
Adam BurkeNO +4.5Over 46
RomeChowderMINMIN -4.5Over 46
CwalkBetsNONO +4.5Over 46


However the results play out, thanks to all that have contributed to the piece this week. Also, good luck to all you degenerates out there. If you want more help, join the SD Slack Chat as we will be around talking DFS and more all the time.