NFL Week 2 Power Rankings

With one week of NFL action in the books, get ready for Week 2 with the Power Rankings.

With week 1 of the NFL season in the books, it’s time for the first power rankings of the season.

1. Chiefs
2. Cowboys
3. Raiders
4. Packers
5. Steelers
6. Patriots
7. Broncos
8. Falcons
9. Seahawks
10. Panthers

I was really impressed by the Chiefs and Cowboys in week 1. They played a great all around game. Putting my Pats at #6 was really hard for me, but they don’t deserve a top 5 ranking after that 4th quarter last Thursday. It was a great game between Green Bay and Seattle, I really enjoyed it.

11. Vikings
12. Lions
13. Eagles
14. Buccaneers
15. Ravens
16. Titans
17. Rams
18. Jaguars
19. Dolphins
20. Chargers

Most surprising team in this tier has to be the Jaguars. Complete domination by Jacksonville in week 1 over the Texans. That defense will only get better, so let’s hope Blake Bortles can do the same.

Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

21. Giants
22. Redskins
23. Cardinals
24. Saints
25. Bills
26. Bengals
27. Bears
28. Texans
29. Browns
30. Colts
31. 49ers
32. Jets

The Browns and the Bears almost pulled off the upsets in week 1. It was a real shit show performance by the whole Texans team. What can I say about the Colts??? They are a bottom 5 in the league without Andrew Luck. We can almost say the same thing about the Giants without OBJ. That offense looks awful without him.