NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

With Week 5 in the books let's get ready for this week's action with the NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

New week, same story the Chiefs are still on top.

1. Chiefs
2. Packers
3. Seahawks
4. Eagles
5. Patriots
6. Falcons
7. Panthers
8. Steelers
9. Cowboys
10. Broncos

For the 5th straight week, the Chiefs are #1. The game this week between them and the Steelers should be great, maybe it will be the last time we see Pittsburgh in the top 10. The Panthers are now at #7 with another close win last week versus Detroit. A great matchup between them and the Eagles on TNF. Get the popcorn ready.

11. Lions
12. Raiders
13. Buccaneers
14. Jaguars
15. Vikings
16. Redskins
17. Rams
18. Bills
19. Texans
20. Ravens

I gave the Raiders a pass after that awful game on Sunday, they need Carr back ASAP. The Jaguars are back in the top 15, can they put 2 good games in a row? The Ravens are starting to play better, can they overtake the Steelers in the AFC North?

21. Titans
22. Chargers
23. Dolphins
24. Saints
25. Cardinals
26. Bengals
27. Colts
28. Jets
29. Bears
30. 49ers
31. Giants
32. Browns

Who will win their first game first, Giants or Browns? The Giants will not win this week on SNF, they lost all of theirs receivers and facing the Broncos defense is terrible news for Eli. Put the mortgage on Denver this week. I don’t see the G Man winning 3 games this season.