Quick Bricks NBA DFS Cheat Sheet 1-10-18

How are we doing on this fine Wednesday?? Hope everyone is enjoyed their day so far, and hopefully will be doing a whole lot better after tonight’s very large 11-game NBA DFS slate! I know I am pretty excited for this one, simply because although there are some pretty familiar studs on this slate, I think it will be a tougher build due to the fact that there really aren’t that many in such lovely spots. I do think there is some pretty nice value spots tonight as well, and although I may not touch on all of them here, I will be doing some on my Twitter handle this afternoon, so stay on the look-out. Without further ado, let us begin…


Stephen Curry ($10,800)- Most will say this price is way too high, and honestly, I had a very tough time choosing my PG over $6k here. One, it is highly likely that KD will be making his return tonight, number two, the Clippers are looking to be without Griffin once again as he still hasn’t cleared concussion protocol, and lastly, this price is pretty insane, BUT I will give you the details on why I still think Steph is a must play tonight. Steph has notched 52 or more FPs in 3 of his last 4 games at Oracle. He is carrying a hefty 31.2 usage%, as well as a hefty 17.0 PIE, and a hefty 120.2 OFFRTG this season (All highest on team). Let’s also throw in that in 2 games vs the LAC this season, he has averaged 38 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 4.5 apg, and 2.2 spg, while carrying a 32.1 usage rate and a whopping 163 OFFRTG. Not to mention the 66 FPs he just put up against them two games ago in LA. Clippers are also allowing the 9th most FPs on average to the PG spot over their last 5 contests as well, partly due to Curry.

Spencer Dinwiddie ($6,700)- It was really tough finding a comfy option below the $6k mark on this slate, so I had to go with one relatively close to that range in Dinwiddie. I believe we can catch him here tonight in a good spot, with some nice low ownership as well. Dinwiddie is carrying a 22.9 usage rate in home games, a 124 OFFRTG, while averaging 16.8 ppg, 3.7 rpg, 6.8 apg, and 1.1 spg. In his last 3 games at home, he has put up 54.3, 28.8, and 43.3 fantasy point totals, and the 28.8 being against arguably one of the best D teams in the Celtics, while also playing at least 36 minutes or more in those 3. Detroit has been getting handled at the PG spot since the injury to Reggie Jackson, as they allowed a 44.5 game to Rondo the other night, and are now allowing the 6th most FPs on average to the spot over their last 5 games.


Jimmy Butler ($8,700)- This one should be popular tonight, but for damn good reason. Jimmy has been more than excellent over his last 10-12 games, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. Having one of his best seasons career wise so far this season, Jimmy’s price may be too low tonight. Buckets has notched at least 50 FPs in his last 6 of 8 contests. Carrying a moderate 24.9 usage rate at home, where he is also averaging 22.2 ppg, 6.1 rpg, and 5.4 apg. Not to mention, in 3 games against OKC this season so far he has played 39.5 mpg, averaging 20.7 ppg, 4.7 rpg, and 6.7 apg. OKC has allowed the 4th most FPs on average to the SG spot over their last 5, and also are coming off a B2B from facing POR at home last night where all of their starters saw at least 32 mins or more.

Jrue Holiday ($6,900)- Once again, just really liked the spot for Holiday here tonight, so made another exception at or around the $6k salary range. Holiday should be able to pick up some of the slack tonight for the Pels as they will be without the services of AD. Memphis has been pretty damn bad against the SG spot lately, allowing the 7th most FPs on average to the spot over their last 5. Holiday already carries a 22.5 road usage, and with AD’s 27.4 usage rate being up for grabs, I would expect Holiday to grab a good share of it, as MEM has been known to be pretty solid against the C spot, so this could leave Boogie at a slight, I did say slight folks, disadvantage tonight. Holiday has put up at least 33 or more FPs in 5 of his last 7, including a 51 and 60.5 FP performance, so the upside is absolutely there. Either way, I feel it is a great spot for Holiday, and hopefully he takes full advantage of it.


Andrew Wiggins ($6,200)- Dipping back into the well here with Wiggins, as he has been playing pretty well lately. Here again tonight, Butler may pull the PG13 defense onto him leaving Wiggins with a slight uptick in usage here tonight. Wiggins has been balling in his home contests over his past 3, putting up 35, 43.5, and 44.8 FPs in those games. Carrying the 2nd highest usage rate on the team behind Jimmy Butler at 23.6, makes Wiggins a pretty attractive option once again on tonight’s slate. Also, in 3 games vs OKC this season, Wiggins has average 38.5 mpg, 21.3 ppg, 4.3 rpg, 2.0 apg, and 1.4 spg.

Markieff Morris ($5,300)- Think Kieff can be a pretty nice low-ownership swipe here tonight in a pretty nice plus match up. The Jazz have been absolutely putrid against the PF spot since losing Gobert, actually they are allowing the MOST FPs on average to the PF spot over their last 5 games as well (by a 41.3 FP marginal average!!). This is why I think Morris has some really nice value here tonight in a position that has some familiar studs at the higher price range. Markieff has been pretty solid lately, playing over 32 minutes in his last 3, putting out fantasy point totals of 33, 38.8, and 29.3 in those 3 as well. He has scored double-digit real points in all 3, and collected double-digit rebounds in those 3 as well. Morris also carries the 3rd highest usage rate on the teams as well behind Wall and Beal at 20.0%.


Kristaps Porzingis ($8,300)- With AD out, most will gravitate to Cousins, and honestly I’m not in love with Cousins here tonight, and he has such a high price tag. So, I’ll go with Kristaps, who doesn’t lack much in the usage column to contend with Cousins at 34.2 usage rate at home. Actually, I believe that is higher than Cousins usage rate. Kristaps is averaging 31.3 mpg, 24.8 ppg, 6.9 rpg, and 1.2 apg at home so far this season, and he gets a lovely plus match up here with the Bulls who are allowing the 2nd most FPs on average to the PF spot on the season. Also, worthwhile to mention that in 2 games vs the Bulls this season, Porzingis has averaged 37.5 mpg, while adding 23 ppg, 5.0 rpg, 1.5 apg, and 2.0 bpg.

Frank Kaminsky ($4,400)- Taking a shot here with Frank the Tank tonight, but I do like the spot quite a bit. Dallas is coming off a B2B, and it doesn’t help that they have been getting eaten alive by the 4 and 5 spots of their opponents. This bodes well in Frank’s role tonight as he should see mins at both, and DAL is allowing the 2nd most FPs on average to both spots over their last 5 anyways. Kaminsky coming off the bench carries a higher usage rate than most starters in the league at 21.0% at home, while averaging 23.2 mpg, putting up 11.5 ppg, 4.1 rpg, and 1.5 apg. He has also accumulated at least 25 minutes or more in his last 4 games, while going over 21 FPs in 3 of those 4, while 2 going for more than 33 FPs. His price is right for the taking, and the matchup is there, so I will have to play a little Frank tonight.


Dwight Howard ($7,700)- For the same reasons I mentioned why I am playing Kaminsky, well this applies here as well, but on quite the bigger scale. I could really see Dwight pulling down 19 boards tonight with ease, as the Mavs are allowing opposing Cs (this is overall) to pull down an alarming 19.6 rpg on average over their last 5. Dwight comes in carrying a very modest 25.3 usage rate at home while averaging 16.7 ppg, 13.4 rpg, and 1.6 apg. Also, Howard has amassed at least 34 or more FPs in his last 5 of 6 contests, while his last 2 on his home floor went for 43.8 and 47.5.

Ersan Illysova ($5,700)- Ersan has been about the only consistent option for this Hawks team lately, other than Schroder. Even with Dedmon coming back, Ersan still logged 30 minutes against the Clippers. Illysova has been good to say the least, putting up 31 or more FPs in his last 4 of 5 games, carrying an 18.8 usage rate, and overall just being the most well-rounded player on this team lately. Denver is allowing the 4th most FPs on average to the PF spot over their last 5, so I think this is a good spot for Ersan. Even in games they have let get a bit out of hand, Ersan has still seen at least 27 minutes or more in his last 9 games, so I am not too awful worried here.

Thanks for reading once again, fine folks of the Degen Nation! As always, hope you enjoyed today’s Cheat Sheet, and I wish you all the luck in the world on taking down any DFS contests you may enter tonight!