Quick Bricks NBA DFS Cheat Sheet 1-22-18

Get ready for tonight's 9 game slate with the Quick Bricks NBA DFS Cheat Sheet.

Good Monday, good people! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Time to get back to work as we are pleasured with a 9-game NBA DFS slate for this lovely Monday night! There’s a ton of high-ownership, land mine potential, spots on today’s card, so if you are a GPP player like myself, this article will benefit you more than a cash player (sorry cash guys, I don’t do boring-ass cash). Anyways, no need for more talk, let’s get to it…


Kemba Walker ($7,700)- Fully aware of who is above this spot with Harden, CP3, Dame, and Bledsoe, but what fun is it to share these guys with tons of other bros? It’s not, and it’s especially not fun when trying to win gpps. If I were to pick one above Kemba, it would be Wall. Anyways, I really like the spot for Kemba tonight here as the Kings are allowing the most FPs on average to the PG spot over their last 10 contests. In his last 5 at home, Walker is averaging 40.34 FPs, playing 34.8 mpg, and carrying a 1.15 FFPM. Kemba is also carrying a 27.5 usage rate at home this season, with 27.2% over his L5.

Radon Rondo ($5,200)- This is really an excellent spot for Rondo here at home as the Pelicans host the Bulls tonight, who are also without Kris Dunn for the time being. That leaves another start for Jerian Grant who is carrying a pretty ugly 109.9 DEFRTG on the season. It also doesn’t help that the Bulls have been ravished by opposing guards, allowing the 4th most FPs on avg to the spot on the season, as swell as the 2nd most on avg over their last 10 clashes. This game supports the highest total on the board tonight at a whopping 226.5 points as well. In home games this season, Rondo carries a monster 123 OFFRTG, while avg 6.4 ppg, 3.1 rpg, 9.0 apg (only 6.3 on rd), and 1.3 spg.


Devin Booker ($8,900)- Tried every which way to find a better top- tier player for this spot (other than the obvious Harden), but Booker has the numbers to support this. MIL has struggled against athletic guards this season and although Malcolm Brogdon may be back, it still doesn’t change much for me on playing Booker. Let’s face it, Booker is the main piece here for PHO, carrying a monster 34.5 usage rate over his L5 games, which is pretty close to his road avg of 32.5% in road games this season compared to only 30.2% usage at home. I believe most will be scared off of Booker due to this being a road game, and his price being quite on the high side, but I believe there’s enough value to fit him tonight.

Eric Gordon ($5,800)- Everyone forgot about Gordon with the return of Harden kind of like everyone forgot about Dre, right? Well, I didn’t, and Gordon has still be productive all season, even when Harden was playing before. Miami has been torched by SGs lately, both Dragic and Tyler Johnson are battling injuries lately as well. Gordon is still seeing 30+ mins a game. Carrying a 27.3 usage rate over his L5 with a 118.2 OFFRTG, and in his last 4 at home he managed FP totals of 14.8 (dud last game vs GS but still saw 35 mins), 44.8, 44.8, and 52.8. I’ll put some exposure on him tonight at home, where he usually shoots the best.


Harrison Barnes ($6,500)- Once again, while everyone is dipping to Middleton and TJ Warren, I’m going to dodge and go with Barnes here as Barnes is cheaper, and should see wayyyy lower ownership on tonight’s slate. It does benefit greatly that Barnes is gifted with a very nice match up, as the Wiz are allowing the MOST FPs on avg to the SF spot over their L10 games. Barnes is carrying a 25% usage rate in home games this season, while avg 19 ppg, 7.0 rpg, and 2.3 apg there as well. In the lone game between the two earlier this season, Barnes was very good, scoring 31 points, grabbing 9 boards, 1 assist, 1 steal and 1 block, while sporting a 26.9 usage%.

Wes Johnson ($4,400)- Someone day something about value? Johnson has been playing nice mins since DJordan hit the sidelines for the Clipps, and he has been producing nicely in his bench role. In his last 3 games, he has played 27, 29, and 31 mins while putting up 32, 28, and 38 FPs in those as well. Usage is modest at 18.5% over his last 5, while his PIE of 13.5 over his L5 is third highest on the team behind Lou and Blake. This game comes in with the 2nd highest total on the board at 221, and Wes has hit at least 3- 3 pointers in 4 of his last 5, while attempting at least 9 shots or more in 3 of his last 4. I see nice value on Wes once again tonight at his very cheap price.


Lauri Markkanen ($6,700)- Again, where everyone will be going Cousins/AD, I’ll be ducking to the other side with Lauri here in the high total game. Markkanen is still carrying a modest 23.1 usage rate over his last 5, while pretty close to his home season avg of 23.3%. The Pels are allowing the 5th most FPs to the PF spot on avg over their L10 games as well, and in the lone game vs the Pels this season, Lauri managed 14 points, 7 rebounds, 4 dimes, and a block.

Kelly Olynyk ($4,800)- Another one that I feel should fly wayyyy under the radar, but that has been really damn good lately is Kelly O. His price is more than inviting, and over his L4 road games, he has managed at least 25.3 FPs or more, and at least 24 mpg or more. Two of those four road games also resulted in over 35 FPs as well. Carrying a whopping 28.0 usage% over his L5, along with HOU allowing top 15 most averages to the PF/C spot, I feel Kelly O also has some lovely value on tonight’s slate.


Dwight Howard ($8,100)- Hated to see his price go up a smidge, but it was very warranted. Howard has now gone for 42 or more FPs in 4 of his last 5 home games. While carrying a 24.1 usage rate, which is a smidge more than his home avg on the season of 23.9%. SAC has been decimated by opposing Cs this season allowing the 6th most FPs on avg over their L10, and tonight will not help them at all, as in the one game they faced Howard earlier in the season, he managed 20 points, rebounds, 1 Blk, and 1 steal over 29 mins, while carrying a 25.1 usage.

Robin Lopez ($4,600)- if you find yourself looking for even more value, RobLo is definitely one way you can go tonight. RobLo has put up 28.8 and 34.3 in his last 2 road contests, while also carrying a 20.5 usage% over his L5 games. He does avg 20.4% usage in road contests for the season, as well as Sports a shocking 119 OFFRTG on the road as well, compared to 94 in home games. Pelicans have not been great against the C spot as far as fantasy point totals go, as they have allowed the 3rd most on avg over their L10. RobLo almost double-doubled in their lone match earlier in the season with 14 points, 9 rebounds, 1 dime, and 1 swat.

That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed, and if you have NOT messaged us about joining the SDSlackChat, then I would highly advise you to do so! Have a great Monday!