Quick Bricks NBA DFS Cheat Sheet 1-3-18

Get ready for tonight's BIG 12 game DraftKings slate with the Quick Bricks NBA DFS Cheat Sheet.

Quick Bricks NBA DFS Cheat Sheet has returned for this wonderful 12-game NBA DFS slate that was have been so graciously gifted with on this wonderful hump day! I hope everyone is in good spirits and ready to do some cash grabbing tonight, as this slate is BEE-U-TIFUL. There really are so many ways that you can go on this slate, and it was pretty tough picking just two of each position, and I know there are plenty more I won’t be able to mention, but I do plan on listing a few more tomorrow via the Twitter.com in the afternoon hours before tip. So, be on the look-out for that, and if you do not follow me, well tough titty said the kitty. Let’s roll…


Russell Westbrook ($11,700)– Look. I said I wasn’t fading this cat fully anymore, and I don’t care how many games are on the slate, he is not to be faded tonight either. There should be plenty of value to get around on this yuge 12-gamer to make a Russ LU or three. Yes, he is pricey, but when the guy puts up 60-70 FPs consistently, does it really matter? Just focus on the values. Now, Lonzo Ball may be making his return to the LU tonight for the Lakers, but that doesn’t matter much either. In the 3 previous games Russ has played in LA vs the Lakers, he has averaged 31 ppg, 9.3 rpg, 9.3 apg, and 1.7 spg. So, basically monster trip-dubs like usual! Hooray! Not to mention his 2nd in USG% at 33.6 on the road behind Mr. Beard, and the Lakers are allowing the 5th most FPs to the PG spot on average over their last 5.

Dennis Smith Jr. ($5,600)– DSJ will get a nice match up at home against the Warriors. Yes, I do say that this is a better match up with Steph, as we know he isn’t that great on the defensive side of the ball. DSJ has kicked it into gear here lately, going for 35 FPs against OKC, and a whopping 54 FPs against the Pelicans over his last 2 contests. Tonight, he will have to run some pace to keep up with GS and that bodes very well for him and his price tonight, in my opinion. Smith Jr., surprisingly isn’t very far behind some big names at the guard spot in terms of Usage rates, as he comes in at a very modest 28.5% usage. DSJ has played at least 28 or more mins in his last 3, and seems to be back to full health once again.


Steph Curry ($8,900)– Once again, pace should be up a litte for this game, and it should be very interesting for the guards. With a chance that Draymond might not go, it could mean more usage for Mr. Curry per usual. We know he will get his anyways, and hopefully he sees more than the 26 mins he saw in his return, but I would imagine as long as Dallas can keep this within decent reach, he should. Steph still ranks in top 5 in usage carrying a hefty 31.1 usage rate in his road travels. In his lone game against Dallas so far this season, he managed to play 31 minutes, notched out 29 points, 2 boards, and dished out 8 dimes with a monster 36.3 usage rate. It does help that DSJ ranks 201st in DefORtg, and Mr. Curry ranks 3rd in Ortg at 127. It doesn’t seem like a night to fade Curry.

Evan Fournier ($6,000)– No Harden for two weeks will leave the SG spot open to Eric Gordon mainly, and here we have the Rockets traveling to ORL where Fournier has done most of his best work so far this season. Fournier is actually averaging almost 5 more ppg at home than he is on the road, as he is averaging 19.8 ppg on his home floor compared to 14.5 ppg on the road. Carrying an admirable 24.6 usage rate at home, averaging 33 minutes a game, shooting a very nice 50% from the field, while knocking down trey-balls at a 47% clip at home as well, makes me really like some Fournier tonight in a game with a total of 220 that should see plenty of points.


Ben Simmons ($8,800)– Everyone was dogging Ben, and then he puts up a 50 burger in his last game. Ok, it was against the Suns, but he put up a monster line of 21 points, 9 boards, 6 dimes, 3 steals, and 3 blocks. Sounds like the Ben that was happening earlier this season. Now, he gets the Spurs on a B2B at home, with no Kawhi Leonard (more than likely, he’s been sitting one leg of B2Bs so far). With the SF spot being totally loaded with talent with guys like LBJ (even though he’s on B2B also), Greek Freak, and KD sitting above Simmons in the salary options, I think this should be a nice low-ownership spot for Simmons in a game where he could have a really nice match up. Everyone is going to look and say, against the Spurs, no way. Well, that’s where I will be saying, yes please. Don’t sleep on Ben tonight, ladies and gents.

Trey Lyles ($5,100)– Lyles is another beneficiary of a team traveling after playing a B2B as the Suns will travel into the altitude to take on the Nuggets tonight in Denver. Lyles has been one of the main bigs coming off the bench for Nuggs here lately and has been very productive in doing so. Playing at least 29 minutes in his last 5 games, putting up 29 and 32 fantasy points in his last 2 at home, make me like some Lyles in tonight’s match, which we should be seeing some smaller LU here for the Suns as they have been starting Greg Monroe on B2Bs for Tyson Chandler. I think this is a nice spot for Lyles and his price is very accommodating in a game that should see plenty of scoring as well.


Anthony Davis ($9,900)– Yes, hate to do it, but have to play the Brow tonight. Since the Gobert injury, the Jazz have been getting handled by PFs, allowing the MOST fantasy points on average to the PF spot over their last 5 contests. AD comes into tonight basically given a free square for a field day. Carrying a nice 27.4 usage rate on the road, averaging over 30 minutes a game, putting up at least 47 FPs in his last 3 games, with everyone more than likely flooding to Cousins, LBJ, Giannis, and KD for the PF spot, I’ll take some AD tonight. On the road this season, he is average 24.3 ppg, 10.9 rpg, 1.7 apg, and 1.9 bpg. My only question, who is going to guard him? Thabo? Lolz.

Greg Monroe ($4,500)– Perfect fit here at the low-tier PF spot as we should see Monroe grab the start over Chandler as the Suns travel to Denver on the B2B as mentioned above. Monroe is stupid cheap, so if he gets the start there is no reason not to play him tonight. He has gone for 32 or more fantasy points in his last 4 of 5 starts, playing at least 27 minutes or more in those 4 of 5 as well. Carrying a modest 20.4 usage rate on the season. Also, as a starter this season, he has average almost 23 mins a game, 10.9ppg, 7.4 rpg, and 2.9 apg, so for the numbers he is putting up in his starts this season, he is far worth the small price.


Karl Anthony-Towns ($9,400)– In Thibs we trust. KAT will more than likely be popular tonight, and that’s fine because he has a lovely match up against the nets who are allowing the 2nd most fantasy points on average to the C spot over their last 5 games. KAT has eclipsed at last 40 FPs in his last 5 road games, sustaining a nice 23.0 usage%, and we know Thibs is going to play him over 30 mins, even if the game is out of reach, cuz that’s just what Thib do. So, hopefully, most will flood to Cousins tonight, in which I am not really a huge fan of Boogie tonight, and will give us some lower ownership on KAT.

Bismack Biyombo ($5,600)– Guy has went over 33 FPs in his last 3 games as a starter and his price is still staying manageable, for now at least. Yes, Capela is back tonight for the Rockets, which isn’t great news for Biyombo, but for high total on this game, and the production that he has been putting up in his starts, this is an easy one for me. It is nice salary relief, he could easily rope out a double-double, and it allows you to pay up somewhere else on this nice, monster slate. In his last 3 games since being named the starting C, he has played 29, 33, and 33 minutes, and recorded fantasy point totals of 41.3, 33, and 33. So, if that isn’t consistency, I guess I really am not sure what is. Either way, he will more than likely be over-looked quite easily tonight on such a big slate at his price. Also, he is PF eligible as well for some nice versatility on tonight’s slate.

That will do it for this hump day edition of the Quick Bricks cheat sheet! Hope you guys enjoyed this info, and I look forward to discussing the slate with you all this afternoon! Have a wonderful Wednesday!