Quick Bricks NBA DFS Cheat Sheet 12-1-17

Get your DraftKings lineups ready for tonight's 8 game slate with the Quick Bricks NBA DFS Cheat Sheet.

Wanted to put something out for today although I didn’t have time to do a full pod as I have a date with the Oral Surgeon in the morning when I would usually have the time to record the pod, so I decided to do a cheat sheet and do a bit more detailed one than usual..SOO, here you go!


TOP TIER: Russ Westbrook ($11,400)– We have no reason to fade Russ tonight, tomorrow, or mainly any game upcoming in the foreseeable future. With over 60 FPS in his last 5 games, it is almost going back to 2016 when he was once again a nightly machine putting up trip-dubs each game. If you remember, this is a bit of a revenge game for OKC as well as Wiggins hit the buzzer-beater to beat them in OKC in October. Russ will be ready.

MIDDLE TIER: Kyle Lowry ($8,100)– THIS IS MY ROSTER MONSTER! Yes, he is a bit pricier than I would like for my usual RMs, but you have to love the production this guy has had over his last 8 or 9 contests, as he has managed to over 50 fantasy points in 5 of his last 7 games! That is insane, and I will gladly pay this price as the Raptors host the Pacers tonight in what should be a nice up-tempo match up. Love some Lowry.

VALUE TIER: Tyus Jones ($4,700)– I hate to say that I am wishing ill luck on anyone, but damn it I would love to see Tyus get another crack at another start here tonight as they Wolves travel to OKC. Jones has been playing masterful in his spot starts as Teague is still ailing from his sore achillies. His price is wonderful still at a shade under $5k, while he has amassed 38.5, 30.5, and 43 fantasy points in his short starting stint! For the math wizzes, that’s pretty damn good and well over exceeding his value at the price, so be watching out for that Teague news.


TOP TIER: Vic Oladipo ($8,000)- Dipo has been playing very well this season and is one of the main driving forces of this Pacers squad. His price is pretty hefty, but seeing as how he has put up 43.8, 52.5, and 65.8 in 3 of his last 4 games, it doesn’t seem so bad. He gets a nice plus match up here as the Raptors have been allowing quite the amount of fantasy points to opposing SGs, in the form of 7th most on average over the season so far. So, if you can fit him in, I would definitely try.

MIDDLE TIER: Jrue Holiday ($6,200)– Jrue has been playing very well over his last 3 contests putting up 42.8 twice and 31.5 in another. He doesn’t seem to miss many beats even with the two-headed monster in AD and Cousins on the floor, as most of the time after the first 7-8 minutes of the game, these two fluctuate their times on the floor together, so this does leave ample opportunities for Jrue to get his looks. They are traveling to Utah where the Jazz are on a back-to-back after playing the Clippers in LA last night, so maybe Jrue can have a pretty good night in Salt Lake tonight.

VALUE TIER: Buddy Hield ($4,600)– This guy is more up and down than my wife, but I think you have to like the upside that he brings into the SG spot tonight. He is still pretty super cheap and the Bulls are allowing the 2nd most fantasy points on average to the SG spot over their last 5 games, and in the form of almost 23 MORE FPs on average in that 5 game span than they have allowed in their season average. Buddy is definitely worth a GPP flier look tonight, and we know if he gets the hot hand for the 2nd unit, they will feed him the rock and let him shoot, and in doing so, he can really rack up the points if he does catch fire.


TOP TIER: Kevin Durant ($9,600)– Although, the move from Fournier to the SF position from the SG position and this actually really helping them out defensively as far as opposing SGs, I don’t think that will matter much tonight as KD is just unguardable. I believe KD is back finally after missing a few games, and already has logged a 48 FP performance in Los Angeles against the Lakers, whose best defender is arguably Brandon Ingram. Therefore, there is no reason to fade Durant as long as he is playing and this should be a nice pace-up game with Orlando as well. So, if you can fit him with some values, it is not a bad idea.

MIDDLE TIER: Otto Porter ($6,500)- My favorite play at SF tonight for the price is Mr. Porter. With no Wall, and Beal having some facial issues after leaving last game for pretty much the whole first half, I really like Otto to continue to take up a bunch of the slack for this Wiz team tonight against the Pistons. If there is one weak link defensively for this Pistons team, it has been the SF spot as they are allowing the 3rd most fantasy points on average to the spot over their last 5 contests. I feel like this is a nice spot for Otto and I will absolutely be playing him tonight.

VALUE TIER: Josh Richardson ($4,600)– One that will go virtually unowned and to be flat out honest the only reason he is on this article is due to the match up. The Hornets are allowing the 2nd most fantasy points to the SF spot on average over the season, and the 6th most on average over their last 5 games as well. Richardson hasn’t been a total no-show lately by adding 23 and 26.3 fantasy points in his last 2 games, so he is getting to value and a little more, but I know he does have a smidge of upside value, so maybe he can have a break-out night tonight for us.


TOP TIER: Lamarcus Aldridge ($8,500)– I swear, I write this guy up for the pod just about every game and wanna know how much ive used him? Maybe twice. Its been a silent killer for my LUs as well as he has literally been so very quietly dominant this season while Kawhi is still out with injury. He just put up a 53 FP performance against the Grizz last game in San Antonio and now travels to the Grind House where I really don’t expect a different outcome and they just do not match up well against him. It’s a lovely match up and he is non-fade able at merely any price until Kawhi returns.

MIDDLE TIER: Aaron Gordon ($7,600)– Not exactly a middle tier price here, but you get the picture and I couldn’t afford to miss the spot here as Gordon is coming off a monster game against PG13 and the Thunder, which means wait for the mush, right? The Warriors are allowing the 5th most fantasy points on average to the PF spot over the season so far, and well I cant help but hope Air Gordon parlays his monster night into a nice little hot streak. It is pricey, and for that reason I don’t think many will be on him tonight with some of the other options on the slate, so I think it could be worthy of a sneaky play even though the price.

VALUE TIER: Taj Gibson ($5,700)– My boy Taj has been coming through quite nicely over his last 5 games as he has managed to notch out two games over 40 FPs and two more over 31 FPs. It does add a little incentive here that he is facing a former team, so you can play the narrative if you would like, but I am just going to play the spot as I’ve mentioned two times this week that the Thunder are allowing top 5 numbers on average to the PF spot over their last 5 games, and at the moment for tonight they are allowing the 7th most on average to the spot over their last 5. Air Gordon did just trash this team for 70.5 FPs as well.


TOP TIER: Andre Drummond ($8,800)– I have faded the Drum the last two slates he has been in but I will not be fading him tonight as the Wiz have been getting romped by the C spot over their last 5 games on average. They are allowing the MOST FPs to the spot on average over their last 5 and Ill tell you why, its that damn Polish Hammer! Anyways, it does not look like the night you would want to fade Drummond given his recent hot streak.

MIDDLE TIER: Dwight Howard ($7,500)– His price has rose just a smidge, but I was wondering when it was going to. Dwight has been playing pretty damn well this season for a 31-year-old, and I can see him having just a great season overall. One of only two plays I like for the Hornets other than nice cheap Frank Kaminsky, I think Howard is the one that is not worth fading as he has put up over 42 FPs in 5 of his last 6 contests and gets to go up against a Whiteside-less Heat team tonight.

VALUE TIER: Steve Adams ($5,800)– Adams is now back from injury and stating to get back to his 27-30 minutes a game, although he hasn’t exactly been as productive as he started out in the early part of the season, I am not worried. In their first meeting in OKC in October, Adams scored 17 points, grabbed 13 boards, dished out 2 assists, and swatted 2 shots in route to a pretty successful fantasy performance. I have mentioned I never mind fading the KAT train, and I believe this is a pretty nice, cheap, contrarian way to do so tonight!

P.S. I think Marc Gasol has a monster game in rare bounce back form tonight at the grind house against SA!

There you have it, Degen Nation! I am sorry I didn’t have time to pod it up for you guys, and I do like quite a bit more on the slate and If I don’t sleep through lock tomorrow, I will try and tweet some of the others out. Either way, hope you enjoyed and got some valuable info here and I wish you the best of luck on this wonderful start to the weekend! GOOD LUCK!