Quick Bricks NBA DFS Cheat Sheet 12-6-17

Get ready for tonight's 10 game slate with the Quick Bricks NBA DFS Cheat Sheet.

As mentioned on the Twitter dot com, I am switching up the format of this cheat sheet just a smidge. Really wanted to focus on my main plays here, so by only listing two options at each postion, one being a higher-priced and one being a lower priced, I thought I could alleviate any force plays of low-end plays I really didn’t want to have to add here. So, with that said, this is what I really like tonight, and I hope you enjoy…


Kemba Walker ($7,800)– Don’t mind if we do take some Kemba here on his home floor hosting the Steph-less Warriors on national television. The Warriors could be without the services of their starting point guard for what could be a few weeks, as it seems, so this will be their first game without him on this injury stint. Kemba coming off a fresh 50-burger last game as the Hornets hosted the Magic (allowing the most 2nd most FPs to opposing PGs on the season and over last 10 games on average). We get another nice match up here with Kemba once again at home, and guess who has been allowing the 2nd most FPs on average to the PG spot over their last 5 games? That would be the Warriors. I look for Kemba to continue to take full advantage of this match up just like he did against ORL last game, and hope he can drop another 50 FP performance, as his price is very inviting for the upside tonight.

Rajon Rondo ($5,500)– Rondo still doing his thing, putting up over 38 FPs in his last 3 games with no AD. AD is doubtful once again for tonight’s game against the Nuggs. Rondo has now recorded a double-double in three straight contests, and although his price did jump about $500, we are not concerned here as it did not go up near enough. DEN has not been good vs the PG spot, allowing the 8th most on average over their last 5, the 2nd most on the season, and as most would call “the nuts” in attempt to perceive the best possible outcome, the most FPs to the PG spot over their last 10 games as well. So, we all know what goes up, must come down, well let’s hope Rondo can keep the high up for another game.


Khris Middleton ($6,700)– Where everyone will be on Vic Oladipo and Klay Thompson, I am going to take a bit of a different approach and secure Middleton here at my SG spot, as I really like his price and the match up tonight. Earlier this season, MIL hosted DET just as they will tonight and Middleton went town ham-town for 51 FPs on a 27 point, 6 REB, 8 ASST, and 2 STL line. If you have been paying attention to the pods/articles, then you know DET’s weak spot continues to be the SF spot, as they are allowing the 5ht most on average to the spot on the season, the 3rd most over their last 5 games, and once again “the nuts,” the most FPs over their last 10 contests to the spot.

Damyean Dotson ($3,600)– Here is your value of the night, folks. Let’s see how many DFS touts write this guy up. Dotson was the beneficiary of the starting nod when THJ went down a few games ago, and now that THJ is looking to be out for 2 weeks or more, this just opens the door wide open for Dotson to get nice and comfy in that SG role. Dotson has now started 2 games in a row at the 2-guard, and if you notice in his second start against the Pacers, although it did turn into a blow-out early on, it seemed Dotson got a bit more comfortable as the game progressed as he scored 9 points, grabbed 7 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 take-aways, and 1 swat on the night in route to a modest 26.3 FP performance over a span of 29 minutes. I believe he will only get comfier now, knowing he has the starting role, and he has a decent match up as the Knicks host MEM, who just allowed 30 points, 2 REB, 5 ASST, and 4 STLs to Jimmy Butler, and 17 points, 5 REB, 2 ASST, and 2 STLs to JR Smith the game before.


Kevin Durant ($10,100)– Hopefully little Kevin got out all of his frustrations on burner accounts or something on the Twitter dot com after getting his 2nd ejection in 3 games, while also nearly escaping death at the hands of the Boogie man. Now, if Kevin decides to shut his mouth and play ball tonight, the Hornets are allowing a very nice amount of FPs on average to the SF spot, in the form of the 2nd most on the season, as well as the MOST to the spot over their last 5 games. Along with this match up, is the fact that the Warriors are without Steph, so production will be distributed, and KD has the best match up for the Warriors going into tonight’s clash with Charlotte.

Rudy Gay ($5.200)– With the injury to Kyle Anderson, and also looking like it could be 2-4 weeks before his return, Gay stepped right into a major role here for the Spurs. At least until Kawhi comes back, which could be as early as this Friday. So, while Gay has the mic in his hand, we need to pounce on this opportunity, as well as this very fair price. Gay took full advantage of his start two nights ago against the Pistons and roared for a double-double on 12 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 blocks line over 32 minutes on the floor. Obviously, Pop is not worried about letting Gay stay on the floor for nice mins, so this is a great opportunity for present time. It also helps that the Heat have allowed the 5th most FPs on average to the SF spot over their last 5 games, so the matchup is lovely as well here for Gay tonight.


Air Gordon ($8,100)– Air Gordon’s price has gone up once again after his massive 78 FP performance against the Thunder, but I do believe that will basically drive his ownership percentage out the door on tonight’s slate in what turns out to be a really good match up for Gordon against the Hawks. The Hawks are allowing the most FPs on average to the Power Forward spot so far on the season, as well as the most FPs to the spot over their last 5 games as well. With his last two home games resulting in 46.3 and 78.8 FPs, his price is not so worrisome, in my eyes. As mentioned above, low ownership, plus major upside with the match up, I really dig some Air Gordon tonight.

Zach Randolph ($5,300)– The Kings are depleted in the front court at the moment as WCS has had some back issues that are keeping him out of tonight’s game and his second consecutive game now. Randolph’s price is very fair for a match up with the Cavs, in which he will have to be the main driving force for this Kings team tonight. Randolph has switched gears in his last 2 games, playing over 30 minutes and amassing 33.3 and 48.8 FPs in both of his last 2 (both road games), scoring over 20 real points, while also grabbing at least 7 rebounds or more in both. Good thing he has had a few days off to rest as we know he is a veteran player, but no worries, he will be primed and ready to go for this match with the Cavs tonight.


Draymond Green ($7,900)– Totally not impressed at all with the C options that are laid out for tonight’s slate. Although, I do like Draymond quite a bit tonight and feel he is a nice option here at C with his multi-position eligibility. Two of his 4 games on this road trip have resulted in 50+ FP performances, while one went for 41.3 and the other was a complete dud, but let’s not worry too much about that one. Once again, it will be the Klay, Dray, and KD show as Steph will not be playing for a few weeks. So, with that said, I like the match up for Dray in Charlotte tonight, and I don’t mind his price.

Kelly Olynyk ($4,700)– I feel Olynyk is a very nice value play on tonight’s slate. Not the greatest match up here as they are traveling to San Antonio to take on the Spurs, but Olynyk has seen a nice amount of minutes here recently, playing 25, 28 and 30 minutes in his last 3. The Heat are also without the services of their big guy in Hassan Whiteside, so this opens up playing time for Olynyk at the C spot, where he was not finding much before with Hassan in. Over the last three, Olynyk has seen FP performances of 31.8, 23, and 28.8, so for the price, I feel like he is a pretty safe play for tonight’s slate as long as he sees 25 mins or more, which has been par the course lately.

That’s a wrap, Degen Nation! I hope you enjoyed the new layout, and took away some good tidbits from what I have provided! GOOD LUCK and let’s take home the mother F’in green stuff, good people!