Quick Bricks NBA DFS Core-4: 2/26/2018

Welcome back Sports Degenites to another Monday, another new week, and another article coming for the Quick Bricks Core-4! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and spent some much-needed time with family and friends! We are gifted with a 10-game slate today, so lets just dive right on into this thing!


D’Angelo Russell ($6,300)– We will take the decently small price here on Russell, as this game comes in with a 217.5 game total as it hoists two of the faster paced teams in the NBA with the Nets coming in with the 7th highest pace on the season, and the Bulls not too far behind sitting at 12th. This game should most definitely see nice game-flow and we know that Chicago has been trash against the guard spot. This fits right into DAR’s arsenal tonight, as he has claimed the starting SG role over the past few games. Also, it helps to mention he has a top 5 usage rate over his last 26 games played (this season alone) at an astounding 32.6% clip, lets also add in the fact that has supported the 2nd highest PACE among starting guards as well behind the one and only Chef Curry on the season. He has seen 29 or more minutes in his last 3 of 4, while also notching out fantasy point totals of 34.8, 27, and 41.8, so we know the potential is there, and now that he is back to full-speed and the full allotment of minutes as well, no need in fading him at his price any longer.


Trey Burke ($4,600)– Really do hate putting a Knick guard in the fold right now, as we know Hornacek is world’s worst when it comes to rotations in the Association, but you cannot deny this guy’s production lately. Going for over 40 fantasy points in his last 2 contests, playing 26 and 30 minutes respectively, it shows that Burke may have chiseled out some more playing time against fellow starter Emmanuel Mudiay. Seeing a team high 33.4 usage rate of the span of those 2 games, Burke has been a much-needed scoring boost that the Knicks desperately need in the back-court. We know this game should have really nice flow as the Warriors come to town, and we also know that the Warriors tend to allow guards, mainly PGs, to have some pretty impressive fantasy games against them. At this price, if Burke does continue to get 26-30 minutes, he should absolutely be able to continue to exceed value, so with that said, he can be a really nice staple for tonight in your LUs.


Lauri Markkanen ($5,500)– I find this to be a lovely buy-low spot here for Lauri tonight in what should be a nice, sneaky up-tempo game. The Nets will have RHJ returning to the floor tonight, but let’s not forget he is returning from a decently lengthy groin injury, and this may hinder his speed and movement a bit for the first few games. Nonetheless, the emergence of Bobby Portis has everyone fixiated on him, and the fact that he is getting tons of run in the wake of the new starting rotation for the Bulls. However, Markkanen is still the rookie stud they started at the beginning of the season, and don’t think he will just be pushed off to the side and not be given his ample opportunities. While RHJ was side-lined, the Nets allowed the 2nd most FPs on average to the PF spot over their last 10 contests. With the fact that Markkanen’s price is majorly down considering hes still playing 30+ minutes a night (still has a 23.4 usage rate over last 4 in Chicago also), and the fact that he put up two dud games over his last 2 (both 1 of 8 from the field), I believe his ownership will be way down, and I couldn’t enjoy the spot anymore.


Myles Turner ($6,700)– Another nice option tonight that I believe no one will be looking at tonight is Turner. Let’s not forget what college Turner came from here as he returns to his alma mater state to play against the Mavericks. It does also play a huge part in this decision to roll Turner out that the Mavericks are putrid against the C spot, allowing the 2nd most FPs on average to the spot over their last 5, as well as the 3rd most over their last 10. Turner has actually been really solid over his last 3 road travels as well, carving out FP totals of 36, 32.8, and 44.3 in those three, while playing an average of 31.4 mpg, while carrying both very admirable stats at 113.7 OFFRTG, and a modest 19.4 usage rate. Once again, with how many top-tier options are on the slate tonight, it does show a means of importance to be somewhat different, so I believe Turner really fits this bill tonight, and hopefully he will show out for his old friends.

That will do it for tonight’s 10-game NBA DFS slate! Wish everyone the best of luck!