Saturday October 13th NHL Plays

Season Record: 7-10-2 (-4.75u)

Ended up being 1 goal short in two of our plays on Thursday. Lost the Pens over 6.5 and the Bruins over 6 by one goal. Tough losses, especially with high scoring 1st periods in both games. Penguins vs. Canadiens, you can see this as a revenge game for the Penguins, as the Canadiens beat down on the Penguins last Saturday. Both teams have their Backups in net, Niemi (MTL) and DeSMith (PIT). Last year, Niemi was 0-2 with a GAA of 4.57 v. the Penguins and the year before that he was 1-1 with a GAA of 3.50. The Penguins appear to have Niemi’s number, and I can see them coming out strong. St. Louis v. Chicago, this matchup has always seen goals regardless of the change in the team: (9/5/7/9/7/6). Looking at the numbers, it shows that there will be goals in this game, but let’s take a deeper look. Jake Allen last season had a 2-1 record with a 3.28 GAA, and Cam Ward who takes over the duties for Crawford, last season had a 0-1 record with a 2.05 GAA as a member of the Carolina Hurricanes. If history repeats itself, we will see atleast 6 goals in this game. Bruins vs. Redwings, two teams that are complete polar opposites. Bruins are dominating teams and the Redwings are on the outside looking in all season long. Tuukka Rask, last season at home had a 2.26 GAA and was 3-0 with a 1.46 GAA v. Detroit. Tuukka stood tall vs. the redwings last season, and had the goal support from the Bruins to get those wins. As the bruins scored a minimum of 3 goals for Rask vs. the Redwings. On the other side, we have Howard, who last year was 0-2-2 vs. the Bruins with a GAA of 2.81. These are decent numbers, but when comparing with Rask, the edge goes to the bruins. I hate banking on an empty netter, but hopefully we do not have to with this game and the bruins are up 2 by the 3rd period.


  • Penguins over 6 (-123) & Regulation (ev)
  • Blues over 6 (-114)
  • Bruins -1.5 (+110)