Scott Takes: NBA Fantasy Draft High-Five 3/23

Sup guys, I’m going to try a new, shorter article as I’m going a lot lighter on these slates. Sometimes the rest situation is unpredictable and I’m getting ready to prepare for MLB. I’ll do my 5 favorite overall plays and then a “Reserves” section of guys that didn’t crack the top 5 but I still like.


  1. Bledsoe/Middleton/Parker: Damn it Giannis get back on the floor. These guys now all become elite plays with him out. I could have made them 3 of the 5 high five players but they’re so obvious I can’t do that to you all. They now have FPPM of 1.21, 1.08, and 1.16 respectively. They also have usage in the 25-30% range. Besides that, they get a dream matchup against the Bulls. You don’t have to play all 3 in one lineup but it is viable. Fade them at your own risk.
  2. Paul George $13,700: A matchup vs MIA isn’t outstanding, but it’s Paul George under 14k. He only has one game below 30 FP in his last 10 and is averaging 38.8 FPPG at home. Both of these teams have something to play for which is a lot more than we can say about some of the other games.
  3. Steph Curry $18,800: There is blowout risk but we get Curry against the 2nd worst team vs PG (ATL) at home with no KD, Klay, or Draymond. He put up 39.8 in 23 minutes against ATL earlier this year. We saw Atlanta beat Utah on the road so if there is a chance this game stays close Curry will need to do the heavy lifting.
  4. Jordan Bell $8,200: Bell is starting at PF tonight and we know ATL struggles vs bigs. Although it is a small sample, with 3 of the big 4 out he averages 1.1 fantasy points per minute. He should see minutes in the mid 20s which is more than enough time to pay off this salary.
  5. Josh Jackson $12,700: Without Warren he is good. Without Warren and Booker, he would be great. He gets a juicy matchup against CLE. In his last 3 games with 30+ minutes, he has 33.75, 54.5, and 33.75. FP. Those scores would all payoff his salary and CLE is in the bottom half vs SG and he should see huge minutes.


Dennis Scroder $12,800: Okay Dennis. Lets do this again. He was ruled out hours after lock last night for rest but we are ASSUMING that means he is playing. He has been on a tear and if anyone else got ruled out it would only boost him.

Maurice Harkless $8,500: Shout to Mitch for this one. Boston is a mess with their roster and their weakest spot is to SF. He has 26+ minutes in his last 4 games and has score 31,19, 35, and 24.75 FP. He also put up 33.75 FP in 31 minutes against BOS earlier this year. I’m not super comfortable with him, but he is the last guy in my lineup so let’s hope for 20 and move on.

This is all I have for tonight, best of luck everyone! Let me know if you like this new format.