Scott Takes: NBA Fantasy Draft Picks 2/1

Hi everyone, welcome back for another day on NBA FantasyDraft action! We’ve been on a nice roll lately so lets hope that continues tonight. I’m going to try and condense all of my analysis so it’s a little more reader friendly. Let’s get to it!

Stud Standings

If you’re paying up for someone near $20,000, this is how I would do it.

  1. Russell Westbrook $21,200: He is the highest priced player for a reason. He is the only stud with a truly elite match up so that is why he is number 1.
  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo $19,900. We get him at a slight discount in a tough matchup vs MIN. He has been in good form and is almost never this cheap.
  3. James Harden $21,100. Harden had an incredible night his last game. A lot of people may point chase that but now CP3 returns and he has a tough matchup against the Spurs. He is matchup proof, but I won’t be playing him.


DeMar DeRozan $14,000: Just as Kemba was the Hawk Killer, DeRozan is the Wizard killer. In 2 games vs WAS this year, he is averaging 46.3 FP. Dating back to last season, he has scored over 50 3 times in 5 games vs WAS. He is averaging 38.2 on the road so he should easily hit value.

Khris Middleton $13,300: I don’t get this pricing. Middleton is one of the most consistent players in the game. He is averaging 39.5 FPPG on the road and with no Bledsoe, he seems a 29.6% usage rate. He should be in line for his usual 35 at least.

Malcom Brogdon $11,500: He will probably be chalky. But for good reason. He gets a nice matchup against MIN who struggles vs PG and there is no Bledsoe in his way. Minnesota is 3rd worst vs PG over the last 4 weeks. He is priced pretty accordingly, but this still leaves room for upside as well.

Jamal Murray $11,000: Murray has only seen under 30 minutes in 1 of his last 10 games, and it was a blowout. Murray is averaging 29.3 at home this year. In his last 6 games, his lowest score was 27.25 and his highest was 54.75. Not great matchup, but the price is right.

I’m not going to write him up, but my enemy Dejounte Murray is worth a look. He has been very consistent lately but I never pick him right. I probably won’t have him today but he is a decent option.


Karl-Anthony Towns $16,500: 4 straight double doubles, never less than 29.5 FP in last 10 and has been up to 62.5 FP. He averages 46.8 FPPG at home and Milwaukee is 6th worst vs C over their last 4 weeks.

Jimmy Butler $15,300: Milwaukee is bad vs SF position, but solid vs SG. FantasyDraft has him listed as a SF but he traditionally plays SG. Either way, he is averaging 42.2 FPPG at home this year and plays MASSIVE minutes every game. Very safe for cash with upside at this price.

Nikola Jokic $14,500: What in the world is Jokic doing at this price. I don’t get it. Last 9 games, his floor is 31 FP and his ceiling has been 67 FP. He is averaging 42 FPPG at home this year. OKC is solid defensively but Jokic is a beast.

LaMarcus Aldridge $14,400: SERIOUSLY. WHAT IS THIS PRICING. Houston is 6th worst vs PF over their last 4 weeks. Aldridge is averaging 38.9 FPPG at home this year and has a 32.1% usage rate without Leonard and Gay. He also sees 1.15 FPPM without them and I expect him to play a lot due to a tight spread.

Marc/Pau Gasol $13,900/11,000: I like them both. So many injuries for Memphis leads to a lot of usage for Marc. He is almost never this cheap and they will need his size vs Drummond and Griffin. Pau has been in good form and is averaging 28.9 FPPG at home and 1.14 FPPM without Leonard and Gay. If he sits for some reason obviously avoid him, but I like him tonight.

Thrift Shop

Marcin Gortat $8,900: The Polish Hammer should not be this cheap. He is averaging 25.5 FPPG at home this year which would already pay off his salary. However, in 2 games against Toronto he is averaging 35.4 minutes and 34.8 FPPG. They like using him against Valanciunas and I expect that to continue.

Tomas Satoransky/Tim Frazier: Both have filled in well in Wall’s absence. Tomas is a lot safer and Frazier offers more upside. TOR is middle of the pack vs PG but they’re both pretty cheap.

Wayne Selden Jr. $7,400: Not the safest option by any means, but he has crushed the past two games. Memphis’ lineup is injury ridden so look for updates. If Davis and Green are out, he is definitely worth firing up. Selden has poorly performed with minutes before so do not expect this to be a lock. Still worth considering though.

That is all I have for today guys, best of luck! Talk to me on twitter @ScottFuchs4 if you have any questions or comments.