Scott Takes: NBA Fantasy Draft Picks 2/12

Hey guys, I hope you all had a great weekend. I am refreshed from taking Sunday off of DFS and am ready to crush it tonight on Fantasy Draft with all of you. Again, no stud standings today with only Curry and Davis over 20k. Honestly, I would much rather take the discount and get Durant for $17,900. GSW gets a juicy matchup vs PHO but the blowout risk is IMMENSE with no Booker. Davis should play a full allotment of minutes but gets a tough matchup vs Andre Drummond. However, Drummond isn’t used to definitely someone who can spread the floor so who knows. For cash I won’t have any of these guys, but they all have huge GPP potential as usual.


Lou Williams $13,900: The Brooklyn Nets are both fast paced and bad which is a great thing when it comes to fantasy. They are tough on SG surprisingly, but Lou comes off the bench so I wouldn’t be super concerned with it. He is averaging 38.8 FPPG on the road and hasn’t been below 30 FP in his last 10. I love the price for him.

Jrue Holiday $13,600: Jrue has not been great lately. However, he still sees a 26.3% usage rate and 1.13 FPPM with the injuries. Since their trade of Avery Bradley, DET is worse than they were before vs SG. Jrue is averaging 35.1 FPPG on the road so even an average game would pay off his salary.

Zach LaVine $12,800: In his last 3 games he has seen 31, 31, and 33 minutes. In 2 of those games, he scored over 40 FP and the other he scored 36.75. Orlando is also 3rd worst vs SG over their last 4 weeks and the spread is only 5 points. He should eat.

Jerian Grant $9,800: He is seeing 0.86 FPPM and has seen 36 minutes or more in his last 4 games. He draws a soft matchup vs ORL. He is averaging 21.7 FP in 23 minutes at home, and as I said he had seen far more minutes than that with Dunn out. He should easily pay off this price.

Also worth a look: Donovan Mitchell


DeAndre Jordan $13,600: I think Jordan can get lost in the mess of tonight’s slate. And he absolutely should not. Brooklyn is the worst vs C over their last 4 weeks by a considerable margin. I always read The Grind Down on and I really respect Notorious (the guy who writes it) but he said Jordan’s price doesn’t match his recent form. Jordan just got 21 boards with Embiid in the game, so I would say he’s underpriced if anything. I’m on him.

Rudy Gobert $12,800: Way underpriced on this slate. He is $7,700 on FanDuel and is still in play, so this is just criminal. He has one of the most consistent game logs of anyone and is averaging 34.9 FPPG at home this year. He is playing San Antonio who he put up 35.6 FPPG in 31 minutes recently and they’re missing Aldridge so his job gets even easier rebounding.

Michael Beasley $11,900: SO UNDERPRICED. As I said a few days ago, Beasley is going to get his when he gets his minutes. Well, with Kristaps out he is getting his minutes. And he is getting his. 38 FP in his last 2 games, and on the road he is averaging a massive 25.7 FPPG in 20 minutes. Now bump it to 30 minutes and in a matchup vs PHI who is 6th worst vs SF, you get a great play.

Tobias Harris $11,300: I think Tobias has the safety we want for cash games as well as the upside/ownership we want for tournaments. He has been solid and consistent with LAC and is now against BKN who is worst vs PF over their last 4 weeks. He has scored at least 28 in his 4 games with LAC and has been around 35 in the other 3. He is also very underpriced.

I just gave my main cash lineup. This is who I am running out there tonight. I feel very comfortable with the floor I get with these guys and it still has upside. However, I will provide some value plays in case you want those studs who are in good spots.

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Pau Gasol $9,900: He will be the chalkiest value but there is good reason for it. No Gay, Leonard, or Aldridge so he sees good usage and rebounding. Under 10k is great for him.

Emmanuel Mudiay $8,300: He just saw 29 minutes and had a double double. I actually don’t love him but he is definitely a viable value who could smash.

James Ennis $6,200 GPP: He sees minutes all over but is normally productive in his time. I like his as a very cheap tournament play.

Davis Bertans $8,200: A safer value play with less upside, but he has played well when filling in. He should start with LMA out.

David West $7,300: Great point per minute play, with no Draymond he could see some more run. He also gets the best possible matchup against the Suns.

Royce O’Neale $7,900: With no Rubio, he should start. Last game in 33 minutes he put up 31.75 FP. Definitely worth a look.

That is all I have for you guys! Best of luck tonight, let me know on twitter if you have any questions or comments @ScottFuchs4.