Scott Takes: NBA Fantasy Draft Picks 2/22

There has been a void in my life the past week that could only be filled with the degeneracy of NBA DFS. But here we are with a 6 game in front of us that should be just what the doctor ordered. It is truly good to be back. No stud standings today as Westbrook and Lebron are the only 2 players with a salary over 20k. Westbrook is always in play but I prefer Lebron today and I will break him down under the F/C section. Let’s get to it.


I’m going to also begin each position with an overview of my thought process for the night. Tonight I’m planning on staying pretty cheap with the guard position. There is a lot I really like for F/C and some good guard value that lets me pay up for them. I’ll list some guys who are absolutely viable but more expensive than I’d like so they may best be reserved for tournaments: Curry $18,900, Beal $16,900, Kemba $16,100.

Lou Williams $12,800: There needs to be some respect towards Lou Williams from the people at FantasyDraft. However, until they do it I will keep playing him. HE HASN’T SCORED LESS THAN 30 FP IN HIS LAST 20 GAMES. And now, he gets the 6th worst team vs SG in Golden State who he is averaging 39.8 FPPG in 28.2 minutes in 2 games vs them this year. Also averaging 38.4 FPPG on the road.

Zach LaVine $12,500: He recently put up 36.3 FP in 24 minutes against PHI which is insane. He was in great form before the break and was seeing more minutes. He should be a solid play tonight. I’d prefer Lou but LaVine is worth a look for sure.

D’Angelo Russell $11,900: His price will only go up from here. His FPPM is at 1.21 with a 31% usage rate with the injuries the Nets are facing. CHA has actually been toughest in the league vs PG over the last 4 weeks but I still think this is a good price for someone with his upside and respectable floor.

JJ Redick $9,800: Averaging 26.2 FPPG on the road. He has only been under 20 FP twice in his last 10 with 2 games over 30. Bulls are 4th worst vs SG so I think he is a good cheap play who should hit value.

David Nwaba $6,800: Nwaba is moving in to the starting lineup for tonight’s matchup against the 76ers. I’ve played him once before and all he did was sit in the corner and do nothing. However, he is decently productive in a points per minute basis so I would be expect him to cross the 20 FP threshold tonight which is solid for someone of his price.


Lebron James $21,300: Almost no one in the NBA comes with the floor/ceiling combo The King has. He is averaging 57.8 FPPG at home which already hits value. However, he is averaging 76.5 FPPG in 2 games against WAS this year. He also is averaging 61.3 FPPG against them over the past few seasons.

Joel Embiid $17,500: Averaging 47.8 FPPG in 31.4 minutes on the road. Game has a spread of 6, so he should see good minutes. He has only had less than 10 rebounds in 2 of his last 10. One came against the Bulls, but Robin Lopez isn’t playing so now he gets the poor defense of Christiano Felicio. He should eat down low.

Dwight Howard $15,400: I’m not sure if he is getting overlooked tonight, but he should not. He is at a great price for us and is facing Brooklyn who is by far the worst in the league vs C. He is averaging 40.5 FPPG at home and was in great form before the break. He has huge upside here.

Draymond Green $14,500: He is averaging a double double in 29.4 minutes vs LAC this season. Great form before the all star break. He is also averaging 36.2 FPPG in 30.4 minutes at home. LAC 10th worst vs PF and the game has the highest total of the night.

Dario Saric $12,900: He is priced properly, which I normally avoid when looking at people. However, the bulls are 2nd worst in the league vs PF. He also has 42 FP in 29 minutes in 2 games vs CHI this year. He is averaging 29.6 FPPG on the road. I think he has a nice floor for cash, but could also be low owned in tournaments.

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I had the two value plays above in Redick and Nwaba. I also mentioned Felicio being a bad defender but he is starting at near min price tonight. He isn’t safe but if he can’t hit value at that price come on. Robert Covington is also worth a look at $9,800. He is less safe then Redick but has good upside. He is also historically better after the all star break. People are talking about Mudiay who is okay but he also isn’t safe enough for me. My main cash lineup right now has Nwaba and Redick for value then is pretty balanced through.

That is all I have for you guys today, I’m excited to be back and see how this slate turns out!