Scott Takes: NBA Fantasy Draft Picks 2/3

Hey everyone, tonight we have an 8 game slate beginning at 6 PM CST. This slate is insane. The totals are massive on some of these games which as we know leads to a lot of scoring. There are some studs in amazing spots and some people so under priced it is insane to me. I’m going to write about who will be on my main cash lineup and then include some players underneath that are absurdly under priced.

Stud Standings

  1. James Harden $21,900: Cavs defense and a total over 230. SHEESH.
  2. Lebron James $22,100: I think of him as 1A to Harden. Somebody is going to have to score for the Cavs to get to that lofty total. Without love he has insane usage.
  3. Anthony Davis $21,100: He has actually struggled vs Minnesota this year and I would spend my money elsewhere despite the huge usage.


Victor Oladipo $14,900: My precious 76ers are actually tough defending the SG position. However, Oladipo put up 49.8 against them in 37 minutes earlier this year. He is averaging 41.4 FPPG at home and has gone 40+ in 6 of his last 10 with 2 over 50. Strangely cheap tonight.

Jrue Holiday $14,400: I think he has been in my write up every day since I started. Over his last 10, his floor has been 32. That is almost hitting value on his salary already. He is averaging 35.8 FPPG on the road and is averaging 32 vs Minnesota in 3 games. However, those games were with Boogie and without him he sees massive usage.

Gary Harris $11,200: Harris is averaging 30.1 FPPG at home this year and this matchup vs the Warriors has a huge implied total (229.5) Minus a clunker vs POR, Harris hasn’t scored less than 24 in 9 of his last 10. He is averaging 25.3 FPPG vs the Warriors in 30 minutes, but he has only played 30 once in his last 10 and has been more around 35.

Gerald Green $9,500: I’m not even putting him in the thrift shop today. The Cavs defense is horrible as we know and Eric Gordon has been ruled out meaning Green will step into that role. With no Gordon, he sees a 23.7% usage rate. He is consistently in the 20s when he sees the minutes and in a good matchup he has upside.


This slate is absolutely loaded with forwards and centers that are underpriced. Some I may not write are I think are great but just didn’t fit my build.

Nikola Jokic $14,900: Jokic is averaging 44.2 FPPG at home this season. In 3 games vs the Warriors, he is averaging 42.2 FPPG in 30 minutes. GSW is middle of the pack vs the C and without Plumlee he will have an even bigger work load.

Draymond Green $14,400: Green is averaging 43.3 FPPG in 3 games vs Denver this year. He also averages 38.5 FPPG on the road which would pay off his salary. Denver is 7th worst vs PF. I love him tonight.

Jimmy Butler $15,900: As of right now, he is not on my main cash lineup because he didn’t fit the build. However, I am a big fan of this matchup. He is averaging 42.3 FPPG at home this year. He is averaging 36.6 FPPG vs the Pelicans which isn’t great but I love his floor. Lowest in his last 10 was 28.5 and he has 3 games over 50.

Clint Capela $13,500: They’re pretty much forcing me to play Capela at this price. He is averaging 34.9 FPPG on the road which would pay off his salary. However, he is also playing against the Cavs who are the 4th worst vs the center over their last 4 weeks. He put up 43.8 FP in 31 minutes against them earlier this year and is averaging 1.19 FPPM right now. Great spot for him in a game with a massive total.

Underprice guys I’m not writing up: LaMarcus Aldridge $13,600 (WTF). Andre Drummond $15,600, Blake Griffin $14,700.

Thrift Shop

Bam Adebayo and Kelly Olynk are both cheap and plays I like against Detroit tonight. No Whiteside should give them both extra minutes and they will need size vs Drummond and Griffin.

Rajon Rondo is the most GPP play ever and he has a good matchup vs Minnesota tonight.

Dwyane Wade has been in good form and is coming off a Personal absence. For some reason, players seem to explode off that. Not a lot of analysis but I’d consider him in GPPs.

That is all I have today guys, best of luck!