Scott Takes: NBA Fantasy Draft Picks 2/8

Today’s trade deadline was madness. It made this slate A LOT more interesting. Rotations will be changed, players will be missing, and there will be mega chalk throughout. I’m going to try and help sort through this. There won’t be stud standings today because there is only one player over 20k and he is questionable.


Damian Lillard $16,600: I’m not sure if he will be overlooked or highly owned honestly. Either way, I’m just here for the consistency. In his last 20 games, his lowest score was 30 FP. 13 of those 20 he has scored 40 or more. Charlotte is okay vs PG, but he put up 45.8 against them earlier this year. He is also averaging 43.3 FPPG at home.

Dennis Schroder $13,500: The Orlando Magic are bad. That is a fact. It is also a fact Schroder has a 31.3% usage rate and 1.08 FPPM. He is averaging 33.4 FPPG on the road, but has averaged 37.2 minutes and 40.6 FP vs the Magic this year. The spread is close so I anticipate some big minutes for him.

Dennis Smith Jr $11,900: He isn’t really my favorite play today but I definitely think he is viable for those who like him. He is averaging 28.7 FPPG in 29 minutes on the road, but has seen over 30 minutes in all of his last 10 games. The Warriors are 6th worst vs PG so I think he is a good bet to hit value.

Nicolas Batum GPP $11,900: Batum would be an unbelievable pivot off Smith in tournaments. He has been in great form scoring 32.5, 44.25, 48.5, 37.5 and 28.5 in his last 5. He is going up against his former team who he scored 38 FP against, and Portland is 2nd worst vs SG over the last 4 weeks. He is the riskier option between the two but the upside is so nice.

JJ Barea $8900: He is cheap but viable tonight. In 3 games vs GSW this year, he is averaging 26.8 FPPG and 25.8 minutes. He will see some extra minutes with trades/injuries so I definitely like him tonight for cheap.


Kevin Durant $18,900: In 3 games vs DAL this year, he is averaging 56.8 FP. He is also averaging 48.6 FPPG at home this year. The only risk is a blowout*

Paul George $16,500: He has been on fire lately and is in a good spot vs LAL regardless. He is actually averaging only 34.7 FPPG against them this year. However, he is averaging 40 FP on the road. Carmelo and Westbrook are both questionable which if either one (or both) sit would give him a massive boost. We won’t know until after lock most likely so fade at your own risk.

Dwight Howard $14,400: He has one of the most sterling game logs of anyone on tonight’s slate. At this price, he needs are 37 to pay off his salary and he has exceeded that in 14 of his last 20 games. He put up 40 FP vs POR earlier this year and I would not be surprised to see the same.

Michael Beasley $13,200: When Beasley gets his minutes, he is going to get his. Tonight the Knicks have no choice but to give him the minutes. He sees a massive bump in usage without KP and Kanter. They are very short handed and will have to play despite the blowout potential. He put up 18 FP in 12 minutes against TOR earlier this year so its a small sample but that is 1.5 FPPM. He will be super chalk.

*The entire big 4 of GSW is in play tonight. I am worried about a blowout though. KD is my favorite but Draymond is definitely full of upside against DAL who cannot rebound. Curry and Klay are good options but I probably won’t end up with much of them.

**Lowry > DeRozan for me tonight but I think they murder NYK so they won’t play much. Vanvleet sneaky GPP value.

Thrift Shop

So much value tonight it is insane.

Guards: Barea, Mack, Augustin.

Forwards/Centers: Kuzma (GPP) He is good but has been horrid lately. I can’t believe he is under 10k though so he is absolutely worth a look especially after Clarkson and Nance trade. O’Quinn, Dwight Powell are probably the best down there. These two will have high ownership so keep that in mind for tournaments.

Best of luck everyone! Lets keep the hot streak alive tonight.