Scott Takes: NBA Fantasy Draft Picks 3/2

Sup guys, tonight we have a big 10 game slate that locks at 6 PM CST. You know what they say about guys with big slates. Anyways, I’m really interested in this slate. The only person over 20k tonight is Russell Westbrook at 22,100. That is awfully expensive on a slate with not a lot of GOOD value. I am planning on taking a more balanced approach but if you like some value Westbrook is in the dream of all matchups against the Suns.


Bradley Beal $15,000: Beal is averaging 46.6 FPPG in 3 games vs TOR this year. He is also averaging 41 FPPG at home. Without John Wall, he sees a 32% usage rate. He is normally over 16,000 so we get him at a good price.

DeMar DeRozan $13,700: I love DeMar against the Wizards. He is averaging 27.3 real points and 45.3 FP against them over their 3 games. This game features only a 3.5 point spread so I like how competitive the environment will be with two playoff teams squaring off.

Zach LaVine $12,500: Zach’s had a really nice game log as of late. With the Bulls sitting some people, he sees a 31.2% usage rate and 1.12 FPPM. Dallas is 8th worst vs SG and this game has the lowest spread of the night at 1.5 so he should play a ton.

Elfrid Payton $12,400: Orlando Elf was my nemesis, so naturally Phoenix Elf is my best friend. When seeing 30+ minutes, he has never been under 30 FP since joining PHO. He also put up 43.3 in 30.6 minutes against OKC earlier this year. I like his floor and upside at this price.

Khris Middleton $12,200: He hasn’t been in great form but he is just too cheap. He is averaging 34.5 over 30.2 minutes vs IND this year. He is normally 30-35 so he is great for cash.


I just realized Giannis is $17,700. This is not a drill. I have no idea why. He is questionable on the app right now but I’ve seen reports he is probable. Watch for this.

Joel Embiid is on a back to back making him the perfect tournament play. He has actually been excellent on the 2nd half of b2b’s this year but some may be scared off.

Blake Griffin is all the way down to $14,200. He has struggled lately but this is a cheap price. Look at him for tournaments.

Marc Gasol $14,400: Memphis is a train wreck. Gasol is the only foundation that place has left. He is averaging 40.3 FPPG at home and 44.9 over two games vs DEN. He will need to go to work tonight.

Draymond Green $14,400: Green always brings a nice floor and Atlanta can’t rebound. They are 2nd worst vs PF and he is averaging 38.5 FPPG on the road. I like his floor at this price.

Rudy Gobert $12,900: So under priced. Minnesota is on a b2b and he averages 34.8 FPPG at home. He put up 34.3 vs MIN already and always seems to be around the 35 mark making him a great play.

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Trey Burke $10,100: On fire lately and playing in a game with a lofty total. I’m riding the wave.

Denzel Valentine and David Nwaba: I have Valentine right now because of the savings but both of these Bulls have been great lately. Soft m/u vs Dallas suits them well.

Gorgui Dieng $6,500: Wait and see if Taj sits. If he doesn’t, do not play him. If he does, he should see a good amount of minutes and is dirt cheap.

That’s all I have today guys, I hope these picks helped you out. Best of luck tonight!