Scott Takes: NBA Fantasy Draft Plays 2/2

Hi everyone, welcome back for another edition of Scott Takes! Tonight we have an 8 game slate beginning at 6:30 PM CST. I’m not going to do a stud standings today because I pretty much think it is Russell Westbrook or nothing. If you look at his game logs, he is somehow scoring more fantasy points on the second half of back to backs. He is averaging 58.8 FPPG at home this year and put up 70 FP on the Pelicans earlier this season. If I go up, that’s where I’m going.


Jrue Holiday $14,500: This guy was been absurdly consistent without Cousins on the floor. He has had a floor of 32 FP and a ceiling of 52 in his last 10 games. OKC is middle of the pack vs PG and I like him at this price.

DeMar DeRozan $14,000: FantasyDraft never seems to get his price right. He is averaging 41.2 FPPG at home this season. Portland has been 7th worst vs SG over their last 4 weeks. His numbers slightly regress on the second half of back to backs but nothing overly concerning.

Donovan Mitchell $13,400: The price discrepancy from other sites to here for Mitchell are insane. He is $7,800 on DK which would convert to $15,600 on here. The Suns are the worst in the league vs SG over their last 4 weeks and his last 10 have been incredibly consistent. He averages 31.3 FPPG on the road, and if I made projections I would say expect around that at the minimum.

Terry Rozier $12,300: Rozier was a force when starting in place of Kyrie the other night. His price jumped a bit, but after seeing that I am bought in. ATL is 4th worst vs PG over their last 4 weeks and Rozier sees a 25.6% usage rate with all of the injuries. He is slightly better at home and I’m looking for him to be in the 30s.


Al Horford $14,000: The Atlanta defense is a joke. As a team, they are allowing the 3rd most FPPG to other teams. Even though its a small sample, with all the injuries Horford sees a 34% usage rate and 1.77 FPPM. The points per minute will go down but Horford is nearly a lock for 35 in my opinion.

Paul George $14,000: George has been steaming hot over his last few games. In his last 10, his floor is 31 and his ceiling is 62. He averages 21.9 points, 6.2 rebounds, 4.6 assists on 0 days rest. He also put up 50.3 FP vs the Pelicans earlier this year. I really like him tonight.

Steven Adams $12,000: Adams is a cash game darling. He is averaging 33.8 FPPG at home this year which would pay off his price plus some. He averages slightly less production on the 2nd half of back to backs but he gets to face the Pelicans without Cousins which should help him. I prefer the other two F/C a lot more but he is safe.

Enes Kanter $13,000: I’m not going to label him a GPP play, but let me say he is the least safe and my least favorite of this bunch. My main lineup will not have him. Milwaukee struggles vs the C and he has been very consistent over his last 10 games. However, he averages only 28.9 FP on the road. He has a lot of upside as we’ve seen and is worth a look.

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Ersan Ilyasova $8,500: About as consistent as you will see in this price range. Weirdly better on the road. Last 5 road games have been 22.25, 24.75, 35.25, 25.75, and 33.75. Not a great matchup vs Boston but he is a safe salary saver.

Allen Crabbe $9,100: I don’t love him I’m not going to lie. But he has been respectable all year. LeVert is returning which is a bit of a concern but he gets a good matchup against the Lakers.

Joe Ingles $9,900: Not sexy, but consistent. He will probably be around 18-25. Lets hope for the 25 and move on.

E’Twaun Moore $9,000: I was originally off him, but I remembered Roberson is injured. He sees so many minutes but even without Cousins his usage isn’t great. I still think he is viable.

Dante Cunningham $7,100: Only if he starts, but he is so cheap and could see minutes in the mid 20’s. NOT SAFE.

MEGA GPP SAVER: Dragan Bender $6,500. If he flops I do not want to be held accountable. He is a complete wild card but with Monroe gone and Len out he will see some time. Play at your own risk.

That is all I have tonight guys, best of luck!