Should We get Rid of Catchers in Fantasy Baseball?

Should We get Rid of Catchers in Fantasy Baseball?

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Hear me out on this. I’ve come to the conclusion that like kickers in fantasy football, catchers should not have a roster spot in fantasy baseball. Why is that? Well, historically and in the present, most catchers just aren’t that good at hitting. Let’s take a look at some of the “hyped” catchers coming into 2018.


Gary Sanchez was the first catcher off the board in fantasy leagues this off-season and was drafted fairly high overall. Now to be fair, he has dealt with injuries this season. That has limited his production, but when he was in the lineup he wasn’t producing. He sports a .188/.283/.416 slash line with 14 homers and 42 RBI. Not exactly the greatest return on investment. He would definitely be listed in the bust category for this year, especially considering you had to replace him with waiver wire catchers for most of the season.

Contreras was usually the next to go off the board. People were hyped about him coming into the 2018 season after he hit 21 homers in 117 games in 2017. This year? 9 home runs and 42 rbi in 108 games. He is has a .269 average, which isn’t terrible, but if he was an outfielder he would have been cut a long time ago.

Posey has been a staple at the catcher position for 8 years. Now it looks like he will have season-ending surgery, so he won’t be there for your fantasy playoffs. Also, he has only hit 5 home runs this year, after having more than 10 for the last 6 years. His .284 average is good, but the rest of his production is just meh.

So there are three examples of highly drafted catchers that have basically done nothing for your fantasy team this year. Heaven forbid we even mention 2 catcher leagues, (I am in one and only carry one catcher, leaving the other spot empty). There are certain catchers providing some value, Yadier Molina and Wilson Ramos could be mentioned as guys who have produced, though even Ramos and Molina have dealt with injuries this year.

What is really telling is the buzz around the fantasy community with two certain players, Danny Jansen and Taylor Ward. People were so desperate to get production from their catcher spot that they jumped at the chance to add these guys. Not to say I don’t like either player, I jumped at the chance to grab them to. However, these players highlight the problem, they don’t fix it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see catchers slowly falling out of favor in the fantasy community for an extra utility spot going forward. There simply isn’t enough quality production at the catcher position to justify wasting a roster spot moving forward. Kickers are being dropped at a significant rate in fantasy football leagues, it’s time that fantasy baseball follows suit and drops catchers from their leagues.