The Sports Degens’ Mayweather-McGregor Picks and Predictions

The Sports Degens’ Mayweather-McGregor Picks and Predictions

The biggest sporting event of the summer is almost upon us…UFC Champion Conor McGregor takes on the 49-0 and 12 time boxing champion Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. The fellas at The Sports Degens give their take and picks on this historic fight.

Bevo (@BrianBevo10)

As big of a fight with this by who’s involved, this is a total mismatch. This is Floyd Mayweather we are talking about here. Sure the odds are dropping and money is coming in on McGregor…but you can’t make a lot of money betting on a big favorite. The little bit Conor has been acting has been cute and all, and I love his personality, but Floyd is 49-0 for a reason, beating boxing greats such as Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya, Canelo Alverez, and Ricky Hatton. I don’t expect a boxing amateur in his first fight to be the guy to deal Money Mayweather his first loss of his career. -500 is an awfully big line to bet, but I do think this fight goes this dance due to Floyd being a tad weaker than in his prime. On many sites, Floyd to win by decision is at +200 or above, and that’s where I’ll be placing my money. Could Conor land a miracle hook? Sure. But this is the best defensive fighter in boxing history we are talking about here.

PICK: Mayweather wins by unanimous decision

preZent (@romechowder)

So this fight has taken a lot of twists and turns and has plenty of speculation since the announcement and inception. We have seen a flamboyant tour that exposed more shit talking antics than the Player Haters Ball from Chapelle’s Show. We have seen the decision to allow the fighters fight in 8 ounce gloves, which has many thinking helps Conor McGregor. We have seen boxing purists balk at the notion of McGregor even going 12 rounds with one of the best pound for pound boxers of all time. We have seen UFC enthusiasts promise Conor will knock Pretty Boy Floyd out before 3 rounds.

This is all speculation from both sides considering no one has seen a fight like this before, pitting a top class UFC knock out artist against a strategic boxing athletic legend in Floyd. All we can hope for is an entertaining fight, or an underdog KO upset by the Irish sensation. Here is what you should keep in mind betting wise.

1) McGregor winning would be the biggest single potential loss for Vegas EVER!!! Think about that for a moment

2) A lot of the public money and smaller bets are coming on Connor. Sharps and Vegas are on Floyd.

3) Conor is trying to beat one of the best at his own sport where no one else has in 25+ tries professionally.

4) Conor winning this fight in a knockout would mean the death of professional boxing as we know it!

Betting wise the smart money will be on Floyd. This is the type of fight where you want to be on Vegas’ side in my opinion. Sure it’s easy to sprinkle some light or heavy cash on what seems like a good underdog, but in reality, that is a sucker bet. I like bettors that bet bullish, so if you feel like Conor will win it, then bet it. I think this fight will go the distance and Floyd will win by decision. He has made a career of avoiding contact and using his athleticism and skill. Saturday night should be no different. The conspiracy theorist in me wants to think that Floyd will lose to setup an even juicier rematch, but we’ll hold off on that talk and stick to our gut feeling! Good luck and hope you all enjoy the fight!

Dawk (@positive_vig)

I almost can’t believe this is happening…I’m somewhat preparing myself for one of these guys to pull out at the last minute due to an injury lol, seeing how us UFC die-hards are used to that kind of shit.

First off I will say that I used to be HUGE boxing fan, I had every Mike Tyson fight recorded on VHS (yes, VHS) and I remember when Evander Holyfield won his first belt. I remember Hagler vs. Hearns and Hagler vs. Leonard and who can forget guys like Julian Jackson, Pernell Whitaker, and Roy Jones Jr. As the sport of MMA grew, the more I loved MMA and after numerous fights that were obviously fixed I became less interested in boxing. I am pretty convinced that Mayweather is going to win, but there’s just that little bit of me that think Conor has a very slim chance…VERY VERY SLIM. Floyd has always had a little bit of trouble with southpaws, and the fact they’re using 8 oz. gloves makes it a tad interesting. If Floyd gets tagged with Conors left, it could get real interesting. I’m more looking forward to seeing Conor’s demeanor in the ring, how much will he taunt Mayweather? Mayweather even at 40 is the better boxer, and anyone that tries to tell you different doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Mayweather is older, and I’m hoping McGregor knocks the shit out of him…but it probably won’t happen. I’ll be putting a little on Conor, but the amount will be a number I am comfortably willing to lose. I’ll be rooting for Conor and hoping to make a little bit of money, but if you are looking to make a heavy investment on this fight, I wouldn’t recommend it. Enjoy the fight and BOL!!!

Francesco Greco (@bettegasewin)

The super fight between the great boxer Floyd Mayweather and current UFC champion Conor McGregor is finally happening on August 26, 2017. It will be epic and there will be no tomorrow.
Floyd enters with advantages in pro boxing experience, fundamentals and technique. Meanwhile. Conor has the edges in intangibles such as chin, power and youth.
It is very difficult to predict the winner even if the odds seem to prefer Mayweather.
I agree with them and I’ll take Mayweather to win the fight but it will be not so easy as you can imagine. The prize is high and remember that don’t mess with McGreogor.
For these reasons we’ll see more than 7.5 rounds here.

Mayweather to win
Over 7.5 Rounds.
THERE IS NO TOMORROW!!!!!!??Regards from Italy

CWalk (@CWalkbets)

This is likely the biggest boxing match of all time. There is an enormous amount of hype surrounding the fight and rightfully so. I think most serious bettors are siding with Floyd here due to his record and skill set against a guy that has never been in a boxing ring before. Conor’s combination of speed, power, and charisma is one that can’t be underestimated. I do believe he possesses the ability to have a one punch KO in this bout, but that is where Floyd’s intelligence and defense will kick in. In watching McGregor’s KO wins, most came as a result of flurries or combinations. Mayweather is smart enough to stay outside and out point Conor without getting in a slugfest. Conor is also a very patient fighter until he smells blood and appears to learn and grow from previous performances. After the first Diaz fight where he simply went all out and gassed he was better prepared to go the distance in the second bout. I expect the three minute rounds to help Conor pace himself and wait for the perfect opportunities. Mayweather’s only chance for a KO here is if McGregor goes all in for the KO himself then gasses and quits. My prediction is Mayweather by decision.

5u over 7 rounds -120
2u over 11.5 rounds +200