Taco’s NBA DFS FanDuel Preview 3/15

Get your NBA DFS lineups ready for tonight's 9 game slate with Taco's NBA DFS FanDuel Preview 3/15.

Taco’s NBA DFS FanDuel Preview 3/15

Intro to Tacos write up

What’s happening everyone taco is back. First of all I would like to be honest and transparent to everyone who reads this write up. I have been playing NBA DFS for two years now. I know that sounds like I’m lacking experience. With that said you should also know that I’ve won more money in NBA Dfs than I have ever won playing NFL DFS. To be honest that is slightly embarrassing being as I’ve been playing fantasy football for about 8 years now.. What I’m getting at people is that I’m good at basketball! Hope everyone enjoys the write up.

How the article works

I go through each team and choose players who I think are relevant to the slate putting a ? emoji next to the players that will more than likely end up in my lineup, and a ?for the players that I like more than most. The reason why I’m using emojis is because I don’t always have the time in the day to do a write up on every player I like. This should allow the reader (you guys) to know who my favorite players are without having to do an extensive write up. The teams will be listed from top to bottom with the highest implied team totals at the top and the lowest at the bottom. Next to each team will be the spread, then that teams implied total. If implied total and spread are not out yet I will put TBD.

Houston Rockets -11, 117.8

SG – James Harden 11300, careful here when the spread is over 10 there is a chance for a blowout.

SF – Trevor ariza 5200 always gets at least 30 min and is in a good spot. ?

Portland -5, 113.5

PG – Damien Lillard 9700 ?

SG – C.J. MCCollum 7300 ?

C – Josuf Nurkic 6600 ?

Philadelphia -9, 113

SF – Robert Covington 6000

Utah -12, 112.5

SF – Joe ingles ?

Charlotte -4.5, 112.3

PG – Kemba Walker 8300

SG – Nicolas Batum 7800

SG – Malik Monk 3500, if Jeremy lamb is ruled out monk is worth a look at minimum price

Denver -7.5, 111.8

SF – Wilson Chandler 5500

San Antonio -3.5, 111.5

PG – Dejounte Murray 6600 ?

PG – Patty mills 4000 ?

Toronto -4, 108.8

C – Jonas Valenciunas 7500 ?

Cleveland 5, 108.5

SF – Lebron James 12500 ?

C – Ante zizic 3500, min price is going to get the start tonight with Larry nance already ruled out. I probably won’t use him because It’s a really tough matchup and he’s probably going to be chalky as hell. With that said I don’t blame anyone for throwing him out there at minimum price.

New Orleans 3.5, 108

PG – Rajon Rondo 6300, put up over 40 last time out against the spurs. ?

Atlanta 4.5, 107.8

SF – Taurine Prince 7000 ?

Memphis -2, 107.3

SG – Kobi Simmons 3700 ?play if tyreke Evans doesn’t suit up. If he does, Simmons is still a decent play at that price.

SG – Ben Mclemore 4900, ?play if Evans is out, if Evans end up playing he’s just an ok play.

SF – Dillon Brooks 5000

PF – JaMychael Green 5900

PF – Jarell Martin 4600 ?

C – Marc Gasol 7800

Los Angeles Clippers 11, 106.8

SG – Lou Williams 7300 ?

C – DeAndre Jordan 8800

Chicago 2, 105.3

PG – Kris Dunn 6900 ?

SG – Zach Lavine 6000

Indiana 4, 104.8

C – Myles Turner 6800 ?

Detroit 7.5, 104.3

PF – Blake Griffin 8000 ?

C – Andre Drummond 9500

SF – Reggie Bullock 5500, very low ceiling, if your looking to get 25 fantasy points guaranteed he’s your guy.

New York 9, 104

Don’t really like anyone from this team tonight.

Phoenix 12, 100.5

SF – Josh Jackson 5600 ?, if Devon booker is ruled out, if he’s not you can’t use him.