Is Trae Young the Best Freshmen in College Basketball History?

Trae Young has burst onto the College Basketball scene and leaves many wondering if he's the best freshmen ever.

Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Is Trae Young the Best Freshman in College Basketball History?

      By: Spencer MacLeod(Spencer__mac)


Trae Young has taken college basketball over, whether it be his insanely deep three pointers, flashy passes, or the absurd stats he is putting up night after night. At the beginning of the season analysts and fans from all over the sports world thought he couldn’t keep playing at this level, that it was some sort of “fluke”, just a streak of good games. Trae Young proved them wrong, coming off a 27-point outing against No.8 Texas Tech on Tuesday, Trae Young has shown no signs of slowing down. At the rate he is playing, there is only one thing to ask. Is Trae Young the best freshman in college basketball history?

Young is a point guard for the Oklahoma Sooners, who leads the country in both scoring at 29.2 points per game and assists at 10.1 assists per game. Not to mention he is the head of the snake for the Oklahoma Sooners, who are ranked eighth in the country at a record of 13-2. Many compare his game to the Golden State Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry with his ability to score the ball and shoot from long range. However, what many people overlook is his ability to create shots for not only himself, but others; a comparison could be made to Chris Paul or Steve Nash, due to their ability to excel at creating shots for others and score when needed. Only 15 games into his college career Young has already tied the NCAA single game assist record when he dropped 22 dimes against Northwestern State. He is on pace to break the BIG12 single season assist record, as well as rival Glenn Robinson’s points per game record. It is no question that Trae Young is on pace to be the best freshman in BIG12 history, but the question remains is he the best freshman in college basketball history?

If Trae Young keeps performing the way he is, Young will become only the third freshman in NCAA history to win the Naismith Award, awarded to the best college basketball player each year. He will join elite company in Anthony Davis, who averaged 14.1 points and 9.8 rebounds his freshman year while leading Kentucky to a national championship, and Kevin Durant, who averaged 25.8 points and 11.1 rebounds his freshman year at Texas. Other notable freshman seasons include Syracuse’s Carmelo Anthony, 22.2 points per game and 10 rebounds, LSU’s Chris Jackson, 30.2 points per game, and Oklahoma’s Wayman Tisdale, who average 24.5 points and 10.3 rebounds. However, if Trae Young keeps the averages he is currently putting up, he will hold an assist average that can’t be touched by any of those players, and would only come in second in scoring to Chris Jackson. We will have to wait and see how the rest of Young’s season plays out, but as of now, Trae Young is the best freshman in college basketball history.