UFC 218 PPV Preview & TUF 26 Finale Preview POD

Get ready for this weekend's awesome UFC action with the UFC 218 PPV Preview.

Welcome back to another UFC PPV Preview POD. On this edition, Bubba (@bdentrek), Dawk (@Positive_Vig) and Chris (@CWalkBets) will give some brief picks on the TUF 26 finale and then breakdown the loaded UFC 218 PPV from Detroit, MI.

TUF 26 Finale- 2:40
UFC 218 Fight Pass Prelims- 9:25
UFC 218 FS1 Prelims- 23:44
UFC 218 PPV Main Card- 36:21
Top Bets/FOTN/Upcoming Events- 58:38
Conor McGregor Talk- 1:06:47
3 Fights you would love to see- 1:09:02

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